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8 Abuela-Approved Constipation Cures
8 Abuela-Approved Cures For Constipation

Stopped up? Don't push, don't worry. Latina grandmothers know best when it comes to fighting off sickness, and luckily, they knew a thing or two about constipation. Trust us, these abuela-approved cures for constipation will have you feeling 'regular' again: 

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7 Reasons To Use Lubricant
7 Reasons To Use Lubricant

When you think of lube, what comes to mind? Una viejita, right? A dried out vagina? That’s because lubricant gets a bad rap. If you use it, you must be menopausal or super into anal sex.

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5 Reasons You Need To Be Eating More Aguacate
5 Reasons You Need to Be Eating More Aguacate

Avocados, the ultimate flat-belly food, have been beloved in Mexican culture for centuries. Finally, Americans have embraced the fruit we've known and loved forever — the fruit that packs a serious flavor punch and a serious set of healthy benefits.
We know you don't need a reason to eat more of this magical fruit, but we'll give you five healthy excuses anyway:

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Reasons Not Interested Sex
5 Reasons You're Not Interested In Sex

As Latinas, we are supposed to be caliente and ready for sex all the time. Ay, papi, take me ahora y siempre! Um, no. That’s just not how it works! Yet, men expect us to live up to this stereotype. The pressure of it all!
So, can you imagine how challenging it is being a Latina with a low libido? You are in a relationship and choose not to get freaky with your hombre. What gives? Here are some reasons why you may not have an interest in sex: 

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Latinx: Trans & Gender Non-Conforming People Explain
Why We Say Latinx: Trans & Gender Non-Conforming People Explain

Has the word "Latinx" ever come across your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? The letter "x," instead of say an "o" or an "a," is not a typo. In fact, that final letter is very intentional. 
The "x" makes Latino, a masculine identifier, gender-neutral. It also moves beyond Latin@ – which has been used in the past to include both masculine and feminine identities – to encompass genders outside of that limiting man-woman binary.

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10 Podcasts Discussing Racial Injustice
10 Racial Justice Podcasts You Need to Listen to Now

Want to stay on top of the latest racial justice news, critiques and literature but don’t have the time (or dinero) to pore over studies and must-read texts? That’s what podcasts are for. 

While your colleagues are in their cubes listening to Serial or Welcome to Night Vale, you can be getting woke to stories of racial struggle and liberation.

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Travel In Laws Tips
How To Successfully Travel With Your In-Laws

You've reached the make-or-break point of your relationship: your significant other wants to take a vacation — with you and their parents. Que locura. Don't worry, there is a way to successfully handle an out-of-town adventure with los suegros. Here's a few tips for surviving the getaway: 
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Dream Downtown
Latina’s New York City Guide: Where to Drink, Eat, Sleep, and Play

There’s nothing quite like summer in the city, especially if you know where to go. Before you even consider subwaying it to Times Sq for a matinee, memorize this list of the best hotels, restaurants, spas, and boating excursions in the big apple for a trip you'll never forget.

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Eric Ochoa Growing Up Mexican American Videos
Eric Ochoa's Funniest Videos About Growing Up Mexican-American

Eric G. Ochoa (aka SUPEReeeGO or eGO the Cholo) bounced onto the YouTube scene a few years back with his hysterical videos lampooning cholo culture in Southern California. These days, the comedian/actor (who has nearly 400 million YouTube views) has become better known for his videos celebrating (and spoofing) all the hilarious, bizarre, inappropriate things Mexican-American families love to do. 

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Lessons Abuela Taught Us
10 Lessons Abuela Ingrained In Our Souls

Those of us with a Latina abuela know how blessed we are. Our abuelas taught us how to cook the most authentic Latino food; they taught us how to concoct a remedy for any sickness with whatever spices we had in the kitchen; most importantly, they taug

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