It Finally Fits!
By Nicole Toro | 04/29/2009 - 18:30

I walked into Lane Bryant and headed straight for my usual size 20 in all the skirts, dresses and tops. One employee said, “You look a lot smaller than a 20.” I nodded and replied, “Yeah, but looks can be deceiving.” My little 5-foot frame was indeed a size 20. Or so I thought. To my amazement the grey, sexy skirt I tried on just slid down off my body. I. Couldn’t. Believe. It. I am proud to say that I went down TWO sizes, from a 20 to a 14/16. I was so excited and couldn’t wait to show off all my new clothes.

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The Great Milky Way
By Nicole Toro | 04/22/2009 - 16:00

And no, I'm not talking about our galaxy here. I'm talking about those delicious (evil?) chocolate candy bars that tempted me into breaking my diet. I know that most people on diets end up cheating in some form or another. They'll maybe eat something they're not supposed to, or will skip a workout. I don't think of it as cheating, though. I call it giving in to my craving, but I NEVER overindulge in these diet-busters.

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Roped In
By Nicole Toro | 04/15/2009 - 14:45

During another intense workout session with my trainer, Eric, he took me back to my childhood briefly. He pulled out a yellow rope that reminded me of the ones we climbed in elementary school during gym class. Actually, I'd watch my classmates do it because I could never lift my own body weight. Anyway, Eric's rope turned out to be far more sinister than it appeared at first glance. It weighed a whopping 40 pounds (20 lbs in each hand), but I was expected to ignore that little detail.

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Ready, Set, Plank
By Nicole Toro | 04/08/2009 - 12:00

Welcome to “Losing It,” my new home away from home. I have been struggling with my weight for as long as I can remember, and that’s why this blog is so important to me. It will serve as my online journal about my strengths, weaknesses, food habits and my fitness goals. You will join me on my journey towards a healthy lifestyle and I couldn’t be more excited!

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