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Best On Screen Latino Families
The 7 Best On-Screen Latino Families

Latinos know the power of familia. Our families may be kooky and loud, wild and argumentative, silly and uninhibted. But they're also loving and wise, intelligent and brave, and unfailingly loving.
We love these seven families, because they look and act a lot like ours. Check out our favorite on-screen Latino familias
MORE: 10 TV shows with the most diverse casts!

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TK Gorgeous Pictures That Have Us Dreaming Of Summer
10 Gorgeous Pictures That Have Us Dreaming Of Summer

As we trek through inches upon inches of snow and swerve over patches of treacherous black ice, we can't help but dream of happier (read: warmer) days ahead. With just over 100 days left 'till summer, we're eagerly anticipating tropical days spent poolside, sipping on chilled beverages, and soaking up some vitamin D.
Here are 10 gorgeous pictures that have us daydreaming of verano: 
MORE: Latino foods to get you through winter.

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The 10 Best Latino & African American Collabos Ever
The 10 Best Latino & African-American Collabos, Ever

Latinos and African-Americans go together like peanut butter and jelly or better yet: rice and beans pigeon peas. As we honor Black History Month, we look back at our shared history with some of the best brown and black collaborations of all time.

MORE: The 25 Greatest Afro-Latino Musicians of All Time!

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Chiquis Rivera Latina Magazine Cover Outtakes 2015
Exclusive Outtakes: Chiquis Rivera's April 2015 Cover Shoot!

Want more of our April 2015 cover star, Chiquis Rivera? Check out these exclusive quotes from her covershoot, and don't miss the rest of her interview on newsstands March 10th! 
MORE: See Chiquis on our April 2015 cover!

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TK Awesome Ways to Celebrate Dominican Independence Day
5 Awesome Ways to Celebrate Dominican Independence Day

Tomorrow is Dominican Independence Day! If you're anything like us, you're looking for the latest (and greatest!) way to celebrate. Here are a few tips to help show off your pride in the best possible way:
10 Things Dominicans Do That Americans Might Find Weird

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10 Times Celebs Pissed Everyone Off
10 Times Celebs Pissed Everyone Off

In light of a certain insensitive — and dare we say racist — remark Sean Penn blurted out at the Oscars, we thought we would share some other celebrity blunders that quite frankly still leave us shaking our heads. Hey, celebrities are people too, which is why we don’t feel bad about calling them out on their seriously questionable acts or racist remarks which sparked controversy.
Take a look at 10 times celebs pissed just about everyone off:

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Celebrities Who Never Age
10 Celebrities Who Never Age

A lucky few in this world have somehow discovered the fountain of eternal youth. Or maybe they cut a deal with the devil to stay forever young. Either way, these celebrities have managed to defy the aging process.
From Jennifer Lopez to Salma Hayek, these celebrities never, ever age: 
MORE: These celebrities over 40 shared their best beauty secrets!

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Take a Peek Inside: TK Gorgeous Celeb Kitchens
Take a Peek Inside: 11 Gorgeous Celeb Kitchens

Lifestyles of the rich and famous...
One could only wish to have a home like the stars! But in the meantime, we can just gawk over these beautiful homes. From Jennifer Lopez to Demi Lovato, you have to see these gorgeous celebrity kitchens:
SEE: The 10 Most Lavish Celebrity Homes!

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Latino Banned Books
8 Banned Books by Latino Authors

In recent months, The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao has come under fire from parents in West Essex, New Jersey, who have labeled the Pulitzer Prize winning novel "vulgar" and "pornographic." Those parents have now demanded that the Board of Education remove the book from the high school curicullum.

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The Best Celebrity Photos From Oscar Weekend!
The Best Celebrity Photos From Oscars Weekend!

From the red carpet to the stage, our favorite celebrities graced the show in head-to-toe couture, and blessed us with some unforgettable moments at last night's 87th Annual Academy Awards.

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