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6 Reasons Why Rebelde Was Way Better Than Gossip Girl
6 Reasons 'Rebelde' Was Way Better Than 'Gossip Girl'

Growing up Latina usually comes with a decent amount of living in between cultures. You loved Plaza Sesamo and Sesame Street, had Lucas candy and Blow Pops, and you knew what it meant to have a foot in both cultures and be cool with it. Of course, while there are certain things you like about each one, there are times when you prefer one part of your cultura over the other.

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6 Latinos Who Have Made Olympics History
7 Latinos Who Made Olympics History

The 2016 Rio Olympics have come and gone, but not without Latinos leaving their mark in Brazil. See which athletes broke records and represented us all in the best way:

MORE: The Browning of the U.S. Women's Gymnastics Team

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Interview: Laurie Hernandez on Gabby Douglas, Orgullosa, & Her Nicknames
EXCLUSIVE: Laurie Hernandez on Meeting Zac Efron & Being Nicknamed 'Baby Shakira'

Laurie Hernandez’s smile is a superhuman power. One look at her beautiful, pearly whites and all your qualms are gone faster than Usain Bolt. Hence a partnership with Crest and Orgullosa was a no-brainer. Why not sign up the girl with the best smile in the world? Done and done.

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Meet Jenni & Jessena, the Hosts of Latina's
Meet Jenni & Jesenia, the Hosts of Latina's 'Fix Yo Life' Comedy Series

By Jenni Ruiza & Jesenia

In 2011, Jesenia was producing, writing and directing the third season of an off-Broadway sketch comedy show called, "Ay Que Funny", which Jenni Ruiza was hired for as both writer and performer.

MORE: Latina's Fix Yo Life Series is Here to Help You Get It Together

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Speedo Drops Ryan Lochte Sponsorship After Rio Olympics
Speedo, Macy's and Ralph Lauren Drop Ryan Lochte After Rio Olympics

Speedo, Ralph Lauren and Macy's told Ryan Lochte "BYE FELICIA!" after his drunken escapades (and lies) during the Rio Olympics.

READ: Ryan Lochte Takes Responsibility for Rio Robbery Story Saying He "Over-Exaggerated"

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Watch Little North West Hit the Dance Floor to Mariachi Music While in Mexico
Watch Little North West Hit the Dance Floor to Mariachi Music While in Mexico

Who can resist a little mariachi? Kim Kardashian’s daughter can't, that’s for sure!

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