Yocado Dip: Spicy Greek Yogurt Recipe by Chef Maria Loi
By Dan Koday | 01/04/2014 - 10:20

Chef Maria Loi at Loi restaurant in NYC will blow you away with her native Greek cuisine, but its her delicious Greek yogurt that'll keep you coming back. The day we ate at her restaurant, she packed some of her signature appetizer up for us and we savoured every last bite until it was gone.
With Greek yogurt's amazing health benefits, we're glad to see its made its way from trendy new food to part of our everyday diets - and whether you take it plain, with honey or with fruit, we bet you've never had it the way Maria has created it exclusively for Latina. We asked the Queen of Greek yogurt to make a Latin-inspired version and what she came up with utilizes avocado, cilantro and jalapeno for a smooth & creamy yogurt (or dip) that finishes with a kick of spice. Check out the exclusive recipe below! 

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WATCH: Dascha Polanco & Rosario Dawson In New
WATCH: Rosario Dawson & Dascha Polanco In New "Gimme Shelter" Trailer
By Cristina Arreola | 11/26/2013 - 10:56

Rosario Dawson and Dascha Polanca (aka Daya from Orange Is the New Black!) are teaming up with Vanessa Hudgens in a dark new drama about troubled youth. 

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