Staff Health Challenge: On-the-Go Meal For an On-the-Go Girl
By Angie Romero | 05/18/2009 - 15:15

I’m not much of a cook, so sometimes I may slack when it comes to making complete meals. I usually only do that on the weekends, when I have time to relax (I hate to rush in the kitchen—if I cook, it’s more of a therapeutic thing). So, taking nutritionist Christina Persaud’s advice, I’m trying to stay in my range of 1,200 calories a day. So I found the perfect solution for an on-the-go girl like me: the Luna bar. My fave used to be the Lemon Zest flavor, but now I have a new one: the Dulce de Leche, of course!

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Staff Health Challenge: I'm a Maniac, Maniac!
By Angie Romero | 05/11/2009 - 14:00

I don’t know about you, but I get tired of running on a treadmill or doing the elliptical machine rather quickly. And I've already told you my sentiments on gyms, so it’s no surprise that whenever I can escape them and run outdoors, I do so.

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Staff Health Challenge: Switch it Up
By Angie Romero | 04/27/2009 - 11:15

So I’m a few weeks into my health challenge and though I’m constantly tempted by the cookies and scones that are brought into the office, I feel like I’ve made some progress. At the very least I’m learning more about my body. Marc Hochstein, who totally resembles Christian Bale AND happens to be my trainer at Manhattan Plaza Health Club (wink, wink), taught me something new the other day. He explained that you can’t do the exact same workout twice or your body will outsmart you and the muscles will get lazy.

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Get Up, Get Out And Get Moving!
By Mariela Rosario | 04/01/2008 - 17:19

I always get questions like: What would you recommend for a woman who is super busy with a job, a kid and a husband at home to take care of? How do I make fitness a priority?

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Muevete! The 3 Fundamentals for a Fierce Fitness Routine
Muevete! The 3 Fundamentals for a Fierce Fitness Routine
By Mariela Rosario | 04/01/2008 - 13:51

Meet Phoenix Carnevale, Latina.Com's new fitness guru! We'll be asking her to fill us in on everything we need to know about going from flabby to fabulous. She can be found regularly on the New York morning news circuit (Fox 5 News, CBS News, NY1 and CW11) discussing the latest in fitness trends or showcasing one of her classes. She's also been featured on national programs like 20/20 and Lifetime Women's TV Next Stop, New You! Check out Phoenix's great advice about what it takes to build a kick butt workout:

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