WATCH: How to Get Salma Hayek’s Sexy Waves
WATCH: How to Get Salma Hayek’s Sexy Waves
By Kate Sandoval | 12/02/2011 - 16:00

When many of you saw the gorgeous Salma Hayek on Latina’s November cover, you asked—make that demanded—for the secrets to recreating her incredible hair. Well, demand and you shall receive! NYC hair stylist, Vanessa Fernandez, demonstrates the 5 steps for turning your natural texture into these soft, full waves.

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Andre Walker
Does This Work? Deep Conditioners
By Kate Sandoval | 06/24/2011 - 16:19

Creative director Paul Bruno has these amazing chin-length waves. To keep them soft and frizz-free he knows that he has to deep condition regularly. Here are the best deep conditioners he tried:

What They Are: deep conditioning treatments

The Claim
: After one use, these deep conditioners will hydrate, repair, soften, and smooth your strands.

My Results

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Work Those Waves!
By Latina Staff | 02/25/2008 - 21:34

Step 1: Working with clean, damp hair, take two or three fingers (two for straight strands, three for thick or curly) and place them underneath the roots of a two-inch section of hair. Wind section of hair around figers.

Step 2: Pin coiled section to scalp. Repeat with more sections until all hair is coiled and pinned.

Step 3: Dry hair with diffuser or let air-dry. Once hair is dry, unwind coils and gently separate waves with fingers.

If your hair is...

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