Celebrate Uruguay's Independene Day with the Best Chivito Recipe Ever
Celebrate Uruguay's Independence Day with the Best Chivito Recipe Ever
By The Latin Kitchen | 08/25/2015 - 09:54

Today is Uruguayan Independence Day, and while this gorgeous South American country of pristine beaches, beautiful people, and parties that extend past sunrise is unfairly cast as second fiddle

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Luis Suarez during the presentation as new Ambassador for 888poker
Luis Suarez "Vows" Biting Won't Happen Again
By Cristina Arreola | 07/01/2014 - 09:42

Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez took to Twitter on Monday, June 30, to apologize for biting Italian player 

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Marijuana Laws in Latin America
8 Marijuana Laws Throughout Latin America
By Priscilla Rodriguez | 10/25/2013 - 14:30

A recent Gallup poll revealed that for the first time, Americans are in suppport of legalizing marijuana in the United States. Over the past several years, countries throughout Latin America have passed laws in favor of the cannabis plant. Take a look:

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Aerosmith Praises Uruguayan President
Aerosmith Praises Uruguayan President For Work With Poor, Weed Legalization
By Cristina Arreola | 10/10/2013 - 15:00

American hard-rock band Aerosmith had a lot to say about politics while in Uruguay earlier this week. 

The band visited the country for a concert in the capital city of Montevideo on Wednesday night. During an official visit Tuesday afternoon, Aerosmith frontman Steve Tyler called President José Mujica one of the best presidents in the Americas.

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Rodrigo Borda and Sergio Miranda marry in Uruguay
Meet the First Uruguayan Gay Couple to Sign Up for Marriage
By Amaris Castillo | 08/06/2013 - 12:11

A longtime couple was the first to register under Uruguay's new "marriage equality law" in the early hours of Monday morning. According to Fox News Latino, TV producer Sergio Miranda and artist Rodrigo Borda signed up at Montevideo's civil registry.

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Argentina Pro-Choice Protest
Where Do Latin American Countries Stand on Abortion?
By Amaris Castillo | 06/04/2013 - 16:26

The abortion debate was shaken to its core this week after a Salvadoran woman’s pregnancy found itself at the center of great controversy. The ill 22-year-old (known only as Beatriz to protect her identity) had asked courts in El Salvador for – and been denied – an abortion because of her high-risk pregnancy. Abortion is banned in El Salvador, as well as in many other areas of Latin America.

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Pro abortion activists in front of the Uruguayan congress in Montevideo
Uruguay Senate to Present Revised Abortion Law
By Samantha Leal | 10/17/2012 - 10:23

Senators in Uruguay will be preparing to present a revised law legalizing abortion, reports Fox News Latino. The measure had already been passed by the Senate once before, but due to Uruguay's lower house making changes, they will now have to vote on the bill again. 

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Abortion Protest in Uruguay in September 2012
Uruguay to Legalize Abortion
By Samantha Leal | 09/26/2012 - 18:00

Uruguay's Congress is seemingly ready to legalize abortion, and in doing so will become only the second nation to pass the measure in the region, after Cuba, reports Fox News Latino.

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Gabe Saporta
EXCLUSIVE: Cobra Starship Singer Gabe Saporta Breaks Down His Latino Roots!
By Lee Hernandez | 12/05/2011 - 15:41

His hit song "You Make Me Feel" is one of our favorite songs of the year, so when we found out Cobra Starship frontman Gabe Saporta was Latino—we asked the dreamy singer to break down his Latin roots exclusively for our Latina readers! 

Tell us about your Latin roots!

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Poll: Who Do You Want to See in the World Cup Finals?
By Yuliana Gomez | 06/30/2010 - 13:00

World Cup fever continues in the Latina offices!

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