Why Jorge Nuñez (and His Accent) Deserves to Make "American Idol's" Top 12
By Monica Herrera | 03/04/2009 - 13:30

Did you catch Jorge Nuñez on American Idol last night? At long last, the young boricua made his Top 36 debut, and it was filled with everything from tears to long-held vibrato notes to a debate over his magically disappearing Spanish accent.

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I Heart Desi
By Lee Hernandez | 03/03/2009 - 10:37

Exactly 92 years ago today, in Santiago, Cuba, a Latino legend was born. His name was Desiderio Alberto Arnaz y de Acha III (mi madre, what a name!), but American audiences got to know him by another, much shorter moniker: Desi Arnaz.
At 22, Arnaz's career took off when he made his Broadway debut as Manuelito Lynch in the musical Too Many Girls and went on to star in the 1940 movie version (along with one funny lady who would later become his wife: Lucille Ball).

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Rick Gonzalez Keeps It Real on "Reaper"
By Lee Hernandez | 02/26/2009 - 11:00

I’ve been a fan of boricua actor Rick Gonzalez ever since he encouraged Frank The Tank (Will Ferrell) to chug beer in Old School, and he was the only good thing about Illegal Tender (A.K.A. the worst movie of 2007, according to us). I've always liked the fact that he isn't afraid to tell it like it is, which is why I’ll be tuning in to watch him provide comic relief on Reaper, a CW dramedy entering its sophomore season mext month.

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Sara Ramirez's New Lesbian Love Interest on "Grey's Anatomy": Hot or Not?
By Lee Hernandez | 02/17/2009 - 10:29

Katharine Heigl and T. R. Knight might be making headlines for their rumored departures on ABC's Grey's Anatomy, but it's Sara Ramirez—as the sexy mexicana lesbiana Callie Torres— who is really holding the attention of Grey's fans these days. And it's for good reason: Ramirez's character has some pretty kickass storylines.

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"American Idol" Week 5: Did Tatiana Del Toro Deserve to Make It?
By Monica Herrera | 02/12/2009 - 18:22

Wow. Just, wow. AI-lovers, how shocked were you when Tatiana Del Toro made it to the top 36? Stranger things have happened—like, say, Norman Gentle/Nick Mitchell making the cut—but this is truly a sign that things just ain't the same in Idol land.

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"NCIS" Star Cote de Pablo, on the Pleasures of Kicking Men's Behinds on TV
By Lee Hernandez | 02/10/2009 - 13:00

Remember the name: Cote de Pablo. The 29-year-old chilena plays a multilingual weapons expert on the CBS crime drama, NCIS, and she's a natural beauty with a kickass personality, to boot. I asked de Pablo to pay Vivo Por TiVo a visit, and we talked about her singing debut on the new NCIS Soundtrack (out today), her newfound appreciation of girlfriends, and why she loves to play rough with the boys.

But before we got down to business, de Pablo helped me out with some pesky pronunciation issues…

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Video: "American Idol" Week 4 - Latinos Drop Like Flies!
By Monica Herrera | 02/06/2009 - 15:15

If I told you that it pained me to see over half of the Latino finalists get cut from American Idol this week, I'd be flat-out lying. I was thrilled to see these clowns get the boot! All that's left now are two boys who can really go far on the show—Jorge "I L-O-V-E Marc Anthony" Nuñez and Michael "Jason's My Big Bro! Vote for Me!" Castro—and...oh god...Tatiana Del Toro. Let's survey the results of Hollywood Week Part 1, shall we?


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Chuy Bravo from "Chelsea Lately" is TV's First Late-Night Latino Sidekick
By Lee Hernandez | 02/05/2009 - 12:33

Almost every late-night talk show host has a sidekick who laughs at their jokes (even when they're less than hilarious), joins them in funny skits and helps them entertain viewers. Jay Leno has Kevin Eubanks, and for years, Conan O'Brien had comedian Andy Richter sitting closely at his side—now Max Weinberg banters with him from his drum kit.

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Exclusive: J.D. Ordonez of "The Real World" Talks Immigrants, Anderson Cooper
By Lee Hernandez | 02/03/2009 - 15:25

I know everyone has the right to their beliefs, but when I interviewed The Real World Brooklyn's Latino cast member, J.D. Ordonez, I was a little taken aback by what he said about non-English-speaking Americans: "It is my personal opinion that if you come to the United States, you
should learn to speak English. If I moved to France, I should learn to
speak French."

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"American Idol" Week 3: Boricuas in the House!
By Monica Herrera | 01/30/2009 - 18:12

Ah, the moment we've been waiting for. Idol finally touched
down on the shores of San Juan last night, and—well, it was pretty much
as bad as we'd feared. Except for one man!

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