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No Latinos on Oprah's New Network—or Anywhere Else on TV
By Lee Hernandez | 01/07/2011 - 18:19

Since the launch of Oprah's OWN cable television channel on January 1st, we've noticed that most of the protégés on Lady O's new network are white, and that while there's plenty that's worth seeing on the channel, there's one thing that's missing: Latinos! 

We make up roughly 14 percent of the U.S. population (and growing fast!) and yet, there isn't room for a single Latino personality to host a program on the new network?

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15 TV Stars You Never Knew Were Latino
By Lee Hernandez | 04/26/2010 - 12:00

Latinos don’t fit into any one mold. We come in all shapes, sizes and colors—and our TV stars are no exception. Last week, Latina.com reader Maria Ortiz proved that when she pointed out that Glee star, Lea Michelle, is actually part-Spanish (she has Sephardic Jewish heritage) on our Facebook fan page. Maria’s observation prompted us to think of other Latin TV stars who people might not know are Latin.

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Video: Sofia Vergara's 'Modern Family' Costar Trashes her on 'Chelsea Lately'
By Mariela Rosario | 11/18/2009 - 16:30

Sofia Vergara's Modern Family costar Julie Bowen paid a visit to Chelsea Handler's late night E! television show and spent more time talking smack about Vergara than she did talking about herself.

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Emilio Estevez to Guest Star on 'Two and a Half Men'
By smundhra | 11/06/2008 - 13:56

Charlie Sheen's sitcom Two and a Half Men is getting some brotherly love in an upcoming episode, when Charlie's brother Emilio Estevez, the only member of the Estevez family who didn't change his name upon entering show business, appears as a guest star on the show.

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In This Corner: "Beverly Hills, 90210" vs. "90210"
By smundhra | 09/15/2008 - 16:39

We nearly flipped when we learned that our favorite zip code was back in full effect...then we realized a new Beverly Hills, 90210 didn’t mean a a time machine was coming to whisk us into the glory days of our youth. The new version of the show, titled simply 90210, differs vastly from our distant memories of West Beverly Hills High. Naturally, we felt it was only right to pit the most anticipated show of the season against the one that defined an era, and come to a conclusion once and for all as to who rules the zip code.

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This Year's Oscars Least-Watched in Past Twenty Years
By admin | 02/26/2008 - 01:38

Looks like seeing Javier Bardem in a tux wasn't reason enough for many
Americans to tune into the Oscars this year. The Academy Awards telecast on ABC
was the least watched in over twenty years. The decline in viewship might have
had something to do with the fact that many A-list celebrities were notably
absent from the show—no Salma & Francois or Brangelina
on the red carpet this year—and were replaced by the likes of Miley Cyrus
and The Rock. Wow. When even Hollywood's biggest night can't draw out the

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TV's Top 10 Hottest Latinos!
By admin | 12/18/2007 - 14:39

-Lee Hernandez

In spite of what people may think, Eva Longoria and Shalim Ortiz weren't the first sexy Latinos on television. To prove that Latinos have been heating up the small screen for decades, we thought we'd make a list featuring the top 10 hottest Latin stars on television, ever!

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