Javier Bardem is a Macho, Macho Man
By Latina Staff | 04/17/2008 - 11:15

Javier Bardem is all man. So what if he gets touchy-feely with his buddies once in a while? Means nothing. He's still a beer-swilling, football-watching, Penélope Cruz-dating guy's guy, right? So, we're sure Javi doesn't mind in the least that this video of him at a bar in Spain, forehead-kissing and whispering in the ear of a man whose hand never leaves his thigh, is making its way around the internet. Also, looks like Javier, ahem, shaved his beard for a night out with his close friend.

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Manu Chao 101
By admin | 02/26/2008 - 11:02

In Europe and Latin America, Manu Chao is huge, but in the United States, he's still more of an underground sensation. In case you haven't heard of him yet, here's a quick rundown on the man and his music:

Born: Jose-Manuel Thomas Arthur Chao on June 21, 1961, in Paris.

Lives: Between Barcelona, Paris and Brazil, but he spends most of his time traveling the world.

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Spanish Singer Melendi Causes Havoc on Trans-Atlantic Flight
By admin | 01/09/2008 - 16:12

We had never really heard of Melendi, but apparently the Spanish singer is a big-time necio: He caused so much drunken ruckus on a flight from Madrid to Mexico this week that the pilot had to turn the plane around and return to Spain! The worst part: The plane had already been en route for three hours. Imagine being on a plane for six hours only to end up back where you started? No word on whether fellow passengers tried to jump ese Melendi upon landing. (News via latingossip.com.)

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