Shall We Dance? A Conversation with Legendary Flamenco Dancer Joaquin Cortes
By Angie Romero | 05/14/2009 - 15:30

A while back, I told you about the first time I saw Joaquin Cortes dance on TV. I was 15, living in Rome, and I had a thought: “This is one of those great moments I’ll never forget.” And tonight, when I go see his show at the Beacon Theater here in NYC, I just know I’ll get those same butterflies. Dance has always been, and will always be, my first love.

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Man Breaks Own Leg, Uses a Cocaine Cast to Smuggle
By Yuliana Gomez | 03/09/2009 - 15:15

As crazy as this headline must seem, it’s true: Spanish police on Friday arrested a 66-year old Chilean man at the Barcelona airport after they discovered that his cast was made entirely of pure cocaine, Yahoo News UK reports.

The man had landed on a flight from Santiago, Chile, and was carrying almost 5 kilos of coke, stashed in fake beer cans, hollowed out stools, in addition to the “cast.”

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Penelope Cruz Named "Favorite Daughter" of Her Hometown
By Monica Herrera | 02/26/2009 - 13:40

Penelope Cruz gave a shout out to her hometown of Alcobendas in her Oscar acceptance speech on Sunday, and now the community is showing her love right back. The mayor of Alcobendas, Ignacio Garcia de Vinuesa, has bestowed Cruz with the title of "Favorite Daughter" as the town's way of thanking the actress for putting it on the map.

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Spain Will Accept Guantanamo Detainees
By Shani Saxon-Parrish | 02/25/2009 - 15:53

Spain and the United States are starting to cozy up to each other again. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met with Miguel Angel Moratinos on Tuesday, where the Spanish Foreign Minister said Spain could accept prisoners from Guantanamo Bay, Reuters reports.

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VIDEO: Will Smith Speaks a Little Espanish
By Monica Herrera | 01/14/2009 - 18:05

We've been wondering just how well Will Smith speaks Spanish, and now there's TV footage with our answer.

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Spaniards Fight for Animal Rights in the Nude
By Richard Lopez | 01/08/2009 - 09:28

Leave it to the Spaniards to speak out in style. The Huffington Post got word of AnimaNaturalis, a protest movement in Spain in which semi-nude women and men strip down to their bare essentials to fight for animal rights.

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Basque Separatists Bomb University in Spain
By Mariela Rosario | 10/30/2008 - 12:29
ETA, a Basque terrorist group that has been fighting for the separation of their territory from Spain, planted a car bomb yesterday at University of Navarre in Pamplona. Although no one was killed, at least 17 people were injured in the attack. Interior Minister Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba told reporters that the government had recieved a phone call warning of the attack and claiming responsibility for ETA but no indication was given as to where the bomb would be located.

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A Catalan State Of Mind
By Shani Saxon-Parrish | 08/08/2008 - 12:10

Join our intrepid traveler as she journeys across the Atlantic to explore the rich and beautiful city of Barcelona, Spain.

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