10 Times ‘Taina” Kept it the Realest on Growing up Latina
10 Times ‘Taina' Kept it the Realest on Growing up Latina
By Raquel Reichard | 01/12/2016 - 15:35

If you’re a chica of the ‘90s, there wasn’t a show on TV that understood you like “Taina” did.

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10 Shows That Should Be Reimagined As Telenovelas
10 Shows That Should Be Reimagined As Telenovelas
By Yara Simon | 10/27/2014 - 14:07

Telenovelas are known to be dramatic and filled with twists and turns, and a fair criticism from those who watch them is that new telenovelas can seem very familiar.

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9 TV Shows With Strong Characters
9 TV Shows With Strong Female Characters
By Tanisha Ramirez | 08/16/2013 - 11:04

We love celebrating strong mujeres every chance we get!

With a whole new season of shows just around the corner, we thought we'd pay tribute to some of our favorite television heroines played by Latina actresses. Here are our picks for strong female TV leads:

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Monica Joseph-Taylor
Q&A: Starter Wives Confidential’ Star Monica Joseph-Taylor
By Jill Pankow | 01/29/2013 - 14:58

Part-Venezuelan, part-Puerto Rican beauty Monica Joseph-Taylor is one of the stars of TLC’s newest reality show Starter Wives Confidential. The show follows the lives of six women who supported their celebrity men before the now exes made it big. Now breaking her silence, the soon-to-be ex-wife of Funkmaster Flex, and mother of their two children, opened up to us about learning to put herself first, what she won’t talk about on camera, and her NFL crush.

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Scotty McCreery
Scotty McCreery To Guest Star On 'Hart of Dixie'
By Jill Pankow | 01/25/2012 - 14:06

Part-Puerto Rican vocalist Scotty McCreery who wowed audiences as the winner of Season 10 on American Idol, returns to the small screen with an appearance on the CW’s popular new series, Hart of Dixie.

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