The Great Wait Debate
By Sarita | 03/03/2009 - 12:45

There have always been differing opinions among my group of friends about how long someone should wait before sleeping with a guy.

Some girls think that even if it's just the first date, you should go for it if it feels right. Why not? You only live once!

Others think you should wait until you've been on at least 3 dates, just to be sure…

And some of us feel that waiting until you both really know one another and feel comfortable is the best idea, whether that takes 3 dates or 30.

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Dolores dice...You Gotta Talk It Out
By Latina Staff | 07/22/2008 - 17:50

I Hate Sex!

Hola Dolores:

I have been married for about seven months, and I have come to the point where I hate sex! I used to love it when it was exciting and spontaneous. But now it’s like a job. I love my husband, but I think he expects sex from me every night. I feel suffocated all the time. I’m going loca over here, so please send me one of your famous consejos my was, por favor!

-Turning Frigid in Louisiana

Dear Frigid:

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Cameron Diaz: "Sex is the Best!"
By Latina Staff | 05/20/2008 - 14:40

Let's talk about sex, baby. That's pretty much all the prodding Cameron Diaz needs to start blabbing about all things naughty. She tells the new issue of In Style: "I love men. Sex is the best! …You have to really enjoy [being sexy]. Not fake anything. Sexy is being in the moment, whether that means being coy or coming on hard. Faking is always lame and it never comes across the way you want it to."

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The Hookup: Out with the Old?
By Mariela Rosario | 05/09/2008 - 12:01

I can’t stop grinning. My head is in the clouds. I keep playing Boyz II Men tunes on my iPod. The truth is, I have a ridiculous crush!

I didn’t see this coming. I never thought I would ever kiss Sam. The first time he asked me out I declined his offer. But he was persistent and asked me out again to the Jay-Z/Mary J. Blige concert. How could I say no to that?

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The 4 Guys You Need In Your Life…
By Mariela Rosario | 03/28/2008 - 11:23

Let’s hear it for the boy! Nope, we’re not talking about the one you fantasize about walking down the aisle with (or the one you made sleep on the couch last night, whatever). We’re all about those other dudes who make your life easier with their brawn, their blunt advice, their soft touch, or their amazing fashion sense. Here, real Latinas salute the four boys they couldn’t live without.

The Jump Off

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Birth Control for Pre-Teens?
By Latina Staff | 02/22/2008 - 13:11

by Shirley Velasquez

Jaws dropped all around the country in December when Jamie Lynn Spears, the 16-year-old sister of pop train wreck Britney, announced she was pregnant. Just like that, the supposed “good Spears girl,” star of Nickelodeon’s Zoey 101 and role model to countless tweens, fell from grace. Meanwhile, parents everywhere found themselves facing a particularly contemporary and uncomfortable conundrum: How do I talk to my 11-year-old about sex?

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