Cooking with Kids!
By Dorkys Ramos | 03/19/2009 - 15:45

Between working a nine-to-five and picking up the tots from school, you barely have time to make a proper meal for the fam. Well, why don’t you enlist the help of your kids in the kitchen? Not only will you spend quality time with him (and gain an extra hand in making dinner), but you’ll also teach him valuable lessons along the way.

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Taste Testing: Latin Lover Lite
By Diana Delatorre | 02/12/2009 - 14:11

Latin Lover Lite by Chef LaLa

Low on funds? Is making this Valentine's Day special proving especially difficult? Then I have some good news! You don't need a lot of money to show your beloved that you care. What you need is Latin Lover Lite by Chef LaLa. Trained as a nutritionist, Chef LaLa's book aims to keep all of the flavor of traditional Latin food while eliminating the fat.

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Favorite Fall Food? Pumpkin Empanadas!
By Mariela Rosario | 10/22/2008 - 17:29

Yummy! Empanadas have got to be one of our all-time favorite foods. Beef, chicken, seafood, cheese, chocolate—pretty much any kind of empanada you put down on that plate will be devoured in record time. So imagine how psyched we were to find this delicious recipe for pumpkin empanadas, just in time for Halloween and all the pumpkin carving festivities that the holiday brings! It was definitely meant to be.

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Eva Longoria Parker Shares Her Recipe For Perfect Guacamole
By Mariela Rosario | 08/25/2008 - 13:32

We've all heard about how much Eva Longoria Parker loves to cook for her man Tony. Given the overwhelming success of her restaurant Beso, we figured there might be some truth to the TV star's claims that she kills it in the kitchen. When we asked her to share her favorite recipe with us, the Mexicana kindly obliged by giving us her no-fail secret for perfect guacamole. Check out the recipe below and get your party started off right with this delicious dip.

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Perfect Summer Sangria
By Mariela Rosario | 06/19/2008 - 11:54

The Spaniards introduced Sangria to the U.S. for the first time at the 1964 World's Fair in New York. They served the fruity wine punch to visitors and history was made! The perfect pour for hot summer nights and lazy weekend afternoons, Sangria was an instant palate pleaser.

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Get Your Guilt-Free Buzz On With Lo-Cal Summer Cocktails!
By Mariela Rosario | 05/12/2008 - 15:56

After working so hard to get into tip-top bikini ready shape this summer we're sure you may be a little hesitant to indulge in your signature summertime cocktail while kicking back with your girlfriends.

Many of our favorite cocktails, like mojitos and margaritas, are loaded with sugar and carbs! Lucky for us there are a bunch of new liquors and mixers coming out that promise to deliver the same delicious flavors without packing on the pounds. Check out our guilt-free drink recipes (they all clock in at 100 calories or below) and go on—live a little!

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Flower Power!
By Latina Staff | 03/10/2008 - 10:45

Two weeks before Easter, in Mexico’s magical floating gardens of Xochimilco, the ancient goddess of flowers is honored in a four-day celebration. Take a cue from pre-colonial history: Welcome spring and indulge in a sensory experience of food and flowers—a combination that’s never out of season.

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