Puerto Rico Murder Rate
Murder Spike in Puerto Rico Could Hurt Tourism
By Fox News Latino | 02/02/2011 - 12:08

The tourism sector in Puerto Rico fears that the image of the Caribbean island as a vacation spot may deteriorate after 110 murders were registered in January.

The violence has hurt the worldwide perception of the U.S. commonwealth, which each year welcomes some 4 million visitors, most of them from the continental United States, the president of the Hotels and Tourism Association of Puerto Rico, Clarisa Jiménez, told Efe on Tuesday.

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Puerto Rico loses vote in House of Reps
Puerto Rico Loses Its Voice in the House of Reps
By Mariela Rosario | 01/06/2011 - 15:30

The House of Representative ruled yesterday to revoke the voting rights of delegates, which means that lawmakers representing Puerto Rico, Washington DC, American Guam, Samoa and the Northern Mariana Islands no longer have any power in congress.

For Puerto Rico, the revocation of voting rights basically strips the approximately four million residents of the commonwealth of their only voice in United States government. For perspective, one legislator in the House represents, on average, 700 thousand constituents.

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Chayanne's Brother to Run for Mayor of PR Town
Chayanne's Brother Running for Mayor of PR Town
By Mariela Rosario | 12/01/2010 - 15:30

Chayanne's younger brother, Emanoel Figueroa, has officially announced his plans to run for mayor of San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico—the hometown of the entire Figueroa family.

The pop singer's brother says that Chayenne has been very supportive. "He supports me completely, in every aspect from politics to moral," the youngest Figueroa told Esmas.com. "The most important thing is knowing that your family supports you in decisions like this. I have a genuine desire to help," concluded Emanoel.

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Puerto Rico: The New Hollywood
Puerto Rico: The New Hollywood
By Fox News Latino | 11/23/2010 - 10:00

Baghdad war zones. Brazilian slums. Even cookie-cutter American suburbs. They’ve all been recreated in Puerto Rico, which increasingly is becoming a backdrop in American and European cinema. Rarely does the island play itself on the silver screen. But in recent years, the territory has provided dramatic land- and seascapes for productions starring some of Hollywood's biggest names, including George Clooney and Johnny Depp.

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Benicio del Toro Named Face of 2011 Campari Calendar
Benicio del Toro Named Face of 2011 Campari Calendar
By Mariela Rosario | 09/30/2010 - 11:00

Benicio del Toro has been named the face of the 2011 Campari calendar. The Italian liquor company announced their pick yesterday. Del Toro, 43, is the first man to grace the Campari calendar, which has been deemed "The Red Affair."

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By Nicola Paracchini | 08/11/2010 - 10:00

La Isla del Encanto has way more to offer than just white sand beaches in touristy San Juan. Here are some more off-the-beaten-track gems in and around the Island (and a special discount offer just for Latina readers!).

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"Viva Puerto Rico Libre!": Puerto Rican Nationalist Lolita Lebron Dies at Age 90
By Janel Martinez | 08/02/2010 - 16:00

Lolita Lebron, the Puerto Rican independence activist best known for her role in an attack on the U.S. Capitol, died of complications from respiratory disease in a hospital in San Juan this Sunday. She was 90.

“Lolita was the mother of the independence movement," Maria Lourdes Santiago, a member of the U.S. commonwealth’s Senate from the Puerto Rican Independence Party told the Associated Press. "This is an insurmountable loss."

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J.Lo & Marc Share Their Love for NYC's Puerto Rican Day Parade
By Mariela Rosario | 06/14/2010 - 13:00

Marc Anthony was officially named the Grand Marshall of the 2010 Puerto Rican day parade in New York, after a domestic abuse scandal derailed telenovela star Osvaldo Rios-Alonso, who had been initially selected for the honor.

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Congress Allows Controversial Vote on Puerto Rico's Status to Move Forward
By Mariela Rosario | 05/03/2010 - 17:00

The U.S. House of Representatives recently voted to authorize a referendum on the political status of Puerto Rico. For over 112 years, Puerto Rico has been a commonwealth property of the United States; Puerto Ricans living on the island are unable to vote in presidential elections and their representative to the Congress has no official say in political matters. Since the island is not a state, its residents do not pay income taxes, but they can be drafted to fight in wars.

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Millions of Puerto Rican Birth Certificates Voided
By Mariela Rosario | 03/02/2010 - 16:41

A law enacted in Dec. of 2009 by Puerto Rican Governor Luis Fortuño has effectively left one third of the Puerto Rican population living in the United States without valid birth certificates. In an attempt to gain control of the identity theft rampant in the commonwealth, Fortuño signed a law into effect making all birth certificates processed prior to Dec. 2009 invalid for use in any federal agency.

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