ELECTION 2008: The Finish Line
By Mariela Rosario | 11/03/2008 - 15:25

Are you freaking out as much as we all are? It seems like this election has been going on FOREVER and now, finally, we are at the end of the race. A nervous anticipation grips our country as the world eagerly waits to learn who will be the next President of the United States. International leaders have even weighed in, for the most part enormously in favor of the leading presidential nominee, Barack Obama.

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Latina.com Exclusive Q&A: Senators John McCain & Barack Obama
By Mariela Rosario | 10/07/2008 - 12:54

Hispanics are more likely to be uninsured than all other major ethnic groups in the U.S. What would you do to ensure that health care is not a luxury?

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It's Official! Daddy Yankee to Perform at Republican National Convention
By smundhra | 08/28/2008 - 15:58

Guess it's true when they say "if you dream it, it will come." We were just talking about how we wished Daddy Yankee would make an appearance at the Republican National Convention next week, and moments later the Hispanic Leadership Fund announced that the reggaetonero will be headlining their Fiesta Americana concert in St. Paul, MN next week!

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Is John McCain Courting an Endorsement from Daddy Yankee?
By smundhra | 08/07/2008 - 12:01

They may be at a dead heat in the polls, but Barack Obama is winning the celebrity endorsement race by a landslide. Now, Republican presidential candidate John McCain is looking to catch up by courting a few high-profile supporters for himself (so far, his list begins and ends with Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt).

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ELECTION 2008: Are you an Obama girl, or a McCain fan?
By Mariela Rosario | 07/21/2008 - 13:47

Does your heart beat for John McCain? Or are you an Obama girl? Here in the Latina office, we’re gearing up for the big election, arguing about the important issues and betting on who will win it all. But we’re more interested in what you want from a new president.

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