1,100 Year Old Mayan Tomb Discovered
By Mariela Rosario | 01/28/2010 - 13:36

Mexican archaeologists recently discovered a tomb dating back to the time of the demise of the Mayan civilization. Scientists are hoping that clues found within the tomb may help explain the mysterious disappearance of one of Mexico's most advanced ancient civilizations.

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Mexican Revolutionaries' Great-Grandaughters to Pose for Playboy
By Mariela Rosario | 01/27/2010 - 09:52

The descendants of two well known Mexican politicians who played key roles in the Mexican Revolution  have decided to fulfill their patriotic duties by posing nude for Playboy in honor of the upcoming 100 year anniversary of the historical war.

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23 People Killed During Mexican Prison Riot
By Shani Saxon-Parrish | 01/21/2010 - 12:48

A prison in the northern Mexican state of Durango housing 2,025 inmates exploded in a wave of violence Wednesday morning, leaving at least 23 prisoners dead.

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Mexican Drug Cartel Stitches Rival's Face On Soccer Ball
By Dorkys Ramos | 01/12/2010 - 17:25

Last Friday, the body of 36-year-old Hugo Hernandez was found in seven pieces on the streets of Los Mochis along with a threat from one drug cartel to another: “Happy New Year, because this will be your last.” As if dismembering his body weren’t sick enough, his kidnappers also skinned his face and stitched it onto a soccer ball.

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Honduran Drug Czar Murdered
By Mariela Rosario | 12/21/2009 - 10:08

The brutal murder of General Julian Aristides Gonzalez, which occurred after he dropped his daughter off at school just days ago, is the latest indication of the extent to which drug violence is wreaking havoc all across Latin America. Honduras is at the crossroads of drug smuggling, and Gonzalez found himself trying to handle the situation with the smugglers from Colombia, as well as handling the increasing presence of Mexico's drug cartels.

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Mexican Navy Kills Kingpin Arturo Beltran Leyva in Two-Hour Gun Battle
By Shani Saxon-Parrish | 12/17/2009 - 10:37

After a dramatic standoff, Mexican authorities report cartel kingpin Arturo Beltran Leyva and three members of his organization were shot down in a two-hour battle with a navy assault team.

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Amnesty International Accuses Mexican Army of Torture
By Mariela Rosario | 12/09/2009 - 10:00

In a report released yesterday, Amnesty International accused the Mexican Army of committing numerous human rights violations, including torture and forced dissapearances in the country's ongoing war against the drug cartels. The human rights watchdog group also accuses local authorities of ignoring the abuses and failure to investigate the allegations.

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Find Wellness, Relaxation and Luxury in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico
By Shani Saxon-Parrish | 11/24/2009 - 18:25

Any discerning traveler knows that it's difficult to find hotels that are able to meet all of your needs and make you feel special. Well, if your needs include pristine beaches, insanely luxurious accommodations, health and wellness options, gourmet cuisine, top-notch service, access to nightlife, a full-service spa and seriously reasonable prices, then you must visit Villa La Estancia in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

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"Reverse Remittances" on the Rise in Mexico
By Mariela Rosario | 11/19/2009 - 18:00

The New York Times reported recently on a startling new trend that no one on either side of the US/Mexico border could have predicted. Community banks, immigration experts and government officials have noticed a rise in "reverse remittances," or people sending money from Mexico up north to family members who have moved to the United States.

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An Expatriate Sees Mexico in a Whole New Light
By Joy Hepp | 11/17/2009 - 14:02

I had been working as a freelance writer and blogger in Mexico City for about nine months when the swine flu began to take hold of the metropolis. “I’m from Los Angeles,” I thought, as events unfolded. “I’ve seen crazier things happen on the 405 freeway.” Reports of strange symptoms, surgical masks in the metro and friends joking about zombie attacks didn’t faze me, but when a small earthquake shook Mexico City’s foundation three days after the strange illness shut down the city’s schools, I began to question my sanity. Who would want to stick around such a cauldron of craziness?

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