8 Foods to Avoid Before Locking Lips
8 Foods to Avoid Before Locking Lips
By Nichole Fratangelo | 11/24/2014 - 11:42

Liam Hemsworth and Jennifer Lawrence – sounds like an unbeatable hottie combo for an onscreen kiss

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Get these Latina Halloween nails with help from KISS
Get These Latina Halloween Nails With Help From KISS
By Natalia Orozco | 10/16/2014 - 14:21

October is all about getting sexy and spooky, and what better way to top off your look than with a Latina Halloween nail design from KISS?

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Gene Simmons speaks onstage at the '4th and Loud' panel
KISS Rocker Gene Simmons To Immigrants: "Learn To Speak Goddamn English."
By Cristina Arreola | 08/13/2014 - 09:16

KISS frontman Gene Simmons voiced some strong opinions about immigrants in the United States on a recent episode of 

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Couple Kissing
What You Need To Know About Kissing (Besides The Fact That It’s Fun)
By Amaris Castillo | 05/02/2013 - 11:04

Kissing. It’s fun. Extremely fun. It’s definitely a past time for humankind. But why do we do it?

A really interesting video by Vsauce explains the science behind making out. In it, the YouTube channel’s co-creator Michael Stevens examines the time-consuming act. The average human spends 20,160 minutes of their life on Earth kissing. Wow – how are we able to hold jobs?

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Is Demi Lovato Dating Nick Simmons?
Who Is Demi Lovato Being Romantically Linked To Now?
By Lee Hernandez | 09/07/2011 - 14:23

In recent months, Demi Lovato has been romantically linked to several Hollywood stars, including Wilmer Valderrama and Ryan Phillipe. Now, the 19-year-old half-Mexican singer is being romantically linked to Nick Simmons, the son of Kiss rocker, Gene Simmons. 

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Justin Bieber Kisses Selena Gomez at the MTV Video Music Awards
Justin Bieber Kisses Selena Gomez at the MTV Video Music Awards
By Latina Staff | 08/28/2011 - 23:44

Justin Bieber doesn't usually kiss journalists after being interviewed at an awards show. But tonight, the teen superstar made an exception, since his girlfriend Selena Gomez was the one asking the questions!

Is Selena Gomez Hosting the MTV Music Awards?

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Eva Longoria
WATCH: Eva Longoria and Kate Del Castillo Make Out in 'Without Men'
By Lee Hernandez | 07/17/2011 - 17:26

Maya Entertainment has released the trailer for a new comedy called Without Men, which features Mexican actresses Eva Longoria and Kate Del Castillo making out while wearing sexy lingerie.

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Casey Abrams Kisses J.Lo, but is La Lopez Kissing 'American Idol' Goodbye?
By Lee Hernandez | 04/21/2011 - 10:00

We’re sure a lot of people have the impulse to lay a big ol’ wet one on the most beautiful woman in the world, but most people fight that impulse, right? Not American Idol contestant Casey Abrams.

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Shakira & Gerard Pique
Gerard Piqué Finally Admits: "I'm in Love"
By Mariela Rosario | 03/15/2011 - 08:45

Looks like the cat is finally out of the bag! After Colombian tabloid Caras published an undeniable photo of Shakira and Gerard Piqué sharing a passionate kiss, the FC Barcelona star was bombarded with questions about their relationship at a press conference for the Mango mens line he reps, H.E.

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Javier Bardem
Javier Bardem Kisses Josh Brolin, Is Wanted Badly by Ron Howard
By Lee Hernandez | 03/02/2011 - 17:14

Usually actors only kiss each other on the cheek when they win awards, but good friends Javier Bardem and Josh Brolin weren't going to let Javi's Best Actor loss get in the way of a little lighthearted man-on-man action at Sunday's Academy Awards. 

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