United States Loosens Travel Restrictions to Cuba
By Dorkys Ramos | 03/12/2009 - 16:05

United States residents will now have an easier time traveling to Cuba and sending money to family thanks to three provisions attached to the $410 billion omnibus spending bill President Obama signed yesterday.

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"Rape Trees" Found Along Southern US Border
By Mariela Rosario | 03/11/2009 - 16:00

From beheading to kidnappings, there seems to be no limit to what the Mexican drug cartels are willing to do to assert their dominance—and they deal not only in drugs, but also in humans. The majority of the coyotes who help undocumented immigrants cross the border are affiliated with the cartels.

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Eva Longoria Pledges to Support Mexican Immigrants, Or Something
By Monica Herrera | 03/11/2009 - 10:54

At a recent party, Eva Longoria Parker decided it would be a good idea to give an elaborate, wholly uninformed position on the plight of U.S. immigrants, poverty, illiteracy...basically every issue related to Mexico except the one everybody's talking about. Of course, the good folks at Fox News did Longoria no favors and quoted her verbatim.

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Children of Undocumented Immigrants File Suit Against Obama
By Mariela Rosario | 02/02/2009 - 13:30

Lawyers representing more than 600 children pressed charges today against President Barack Obama, asking for a suspension of the deportation of their parents until immigration reform laws are passed here in the United States.

The suit was brought before the Supreme Court by Nicaragüense Nora Sándigo, a lawyer and Executive Director of American Fraternity, a pro-immigration organization based out of Miami.

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RNC Chair Candidate Chip Saltsman Records "The Star Spanglish Banner"
By Mariela Rosario | 01/29/2009 - 16:45

Chip Saltsman is currently a candidate in the running to become the next chairman of the Republican National Committee. We were already pretty miffed at him for recording that "Barack the Magic Negro" song and distributing it on a CD to all of his cohorts for Christmas. But wait! It gets worse. Apparently on the very same CD of offensive tunes, he also recorded a little diddy called "The Star Spanglish Banner" in which he derides Latino immigrants.

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U.S.- Mexico Border Fence Nears Completion
By Shani Saxon-Parrish | 01/28/2009 - 16:23

With 601 miles of the Mexican/U.S. border fence complete as of last week, the project is almost done. According to the AP, Customs and Border Protection spokesman Lloyd Easterling says 69 miles of the fence still must be built to meet the goal set during the Bush administration.

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Immigration Raids Increase Racial Tension in Mississippi and Across Country
By Yuliana Gomez | 01/26/2009 - 16:20

On August 25, 2008, the largest single immigration raid in U.S. history took place in Laurel, Mississippi, at the city’s biggest employer, Howard Industries (which produces commercial and industrial products). That day, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) took into custody nearly 600 Hispanic, undocumented workers.

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U.S. Attorney General Mukasey's Parting Gift for Immigrants
By Mariela Rosario | 01/12/2009 - 17:45

Attorney General Michael Mukasey delivered his farewell remarks recently to the employees of the Department of Justice and in a remarkably brazen move announced a decision sure to have a lasting impact on immigration policy for years to come. Effectively, Mukasey has declared that immigrants and asylum seekers do not have any rights under the Constitution to representation by a lawyer. The Board of Immigration Appeals and most federal courts have operated under the assumption that immigrants do indeed have these basic rights of due process for decades.

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U.S. Mexico Border Fence now 500 Miles Long, Only 170 More To Go
By Yuliana Gomez | 12/18/2008 - 15:25

Officials at the Department of Homeland security are reporting that Customs and Border Protection has added about 93 miles of fencing to the controversial anti-immigrant fence along the U.S.-Mexico border in 2008, bringing the total length at the end of the year to about 520. “The goal is to complete roughly 670 miles of fencing,” the Department states.

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Dangerous to be Latino
By Mariela Rosario | 12/10/2008 - 12:00

31 year old Ecuadorian immigrant Jose Sucuzhañay was recently declared brain dead, just 72 hours after suffering a brutal beating at the hands of thugs yelling racist and anti-gay epithets.

Police in the Bushwick, Brooklyn neighborhood where the attack occurred are currently investigating the incident as a hate crime.

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