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15 Signs You Were a Latina Growing Up in the U.S.
By Samantha Leal | 03/25/2014 - 15:39

Growing up Latina in the United States wasn't a whole different ballgame - but there was a slight change to the rules. From playtime to punishments, here are some ways your childhood differed from your non-Latino amigos:

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Love Lessons
By Dorkys Ramos | 03/03/2009 - 17:00

My parents were never really the loving couple rom-coms are made of. I don’t remember them kissing and they rarely showed each other any affection. So, amid the arguing and the fighting that surrounded my childhood, I concluded that relationships are more trouble than they’re worth. I was 18 when my father presented my mother with divorce papers, and it was then that I made the decision never to marry.

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