"Rudo y Cursi" Sneak Peek
By Mariela Rosario | 05/04/2009 - 16:00

Rudo y Cursi starring Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna opens in NY and LA this Friday, May 8th. The new film marks Carlos Cuaron's (who wrote the screenplay for the boys break out hit Y Tu Mama Tambien) directorial debut and the first major motion picture to be released by Cha Cha Cha Films, the new production partnership created by Carlos's brother Alfonso, Guillermo del Toro and Alejandro Gonzalez Iñarrítu.

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Tribeca Film Festival Spotlight: "Rudo y Cursi"
By Mariela Rosario | 04/27/2009 - 18:30

Rudo y Cursi premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival last night and Carlos Cuaron's directorial debut is definitely worth the hype. Diego Luna and Gael Garcia Bernal come together for the first time since Y Tu Mama Tambien to star in this film about soccer, brotherhood and fate. In the movie, Bernal and Luna get to play against cast with Luna playing the role of rough and ready Rudo, and Bernal playing the role of sweetly naive Cursi.

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Video: Gael García Bernal Plays Shaggy Cowboy in "The Limits of Control"
By Monica Herrera | 03/09/2009 - 17:00

As this trailer for Jim Jarmusch's new movie, The Limits of Control (out May 22), so aptly demonstrates, a scraggly-haired Gael García Bernal is better than no Gael at all. The Mexican actor plays a philosopher-cowboy type in the legendary indie director's new film, which was shot in Almería, Sevilla and Madrid, Spain and co-stars Jarmusch regulars Bill Murray and Isaach De Bankolé, Spanish actress Paz de la Huerta and Oscar-winner Tilda Swinton


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Is Natalie Portman Dating Rodrigo Santoro?
By Mariela Rosario | 02/25/2009 - 16:45

According to In Touch magazine, Natalie Portman is supposedly caught in a love triangle that most girls would die for!

A source tells the magazine that Portman and hot Brazilian actor Rodrigo Santoro have been dating quietly "for about a month." The source goes on to say that they are keeping a low profile but that her friends think he's "a very sweet guy."

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Gael's New Movie Booed, Peruvian Drama Wins Top Prize at Berlin Film Festival
By Monica Herrera | 02/18/2009 - 11:26

Gael Garcia Bernal's movies are typically received with open arms and worldwide acclaim, but this time? Not so much? The Mexican A-lister's latest independent film project, Mammoth, was loudly booed by attendees at the Berlin Film Festival, and it's being described as "Babel on tranquilizers," which is definitely not something we'd like to see.

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POLL: Who Should Play Cantinflas in His Biopic? (Hint: Diego Luna!)
By Monica Herrera | 02/13/2009 - 16:43

Now that a movie about the life of iconic Mexican funnyman Cantinflas is officially happening, it's time to start speculating about who will play the part!

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Benicio del Toro, Gael Garcia Bernal Negotiating to Star in New Scorsese Film
By Norell Giancana | 02/02/2009 - 13:52

Martin Scorsese is out to make his next film, Silence, with none other than our favorite leading man, Benicio del Toro. This would be the first time the two powerhouses have teamed up. The story, based on the novel of the same name by Shusaku Endo, is set in 17th century Japan where Christian converts are being tortured by the Japanese government to rid the country of Western influence.

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Gael and Diego Kick Off Their Next Joint Project, Ambulante 2009
By Monica Herrera | 02/02/2009 - 11:06

Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna may be new fathers, but they're still making time for their day jobs! The recently reunited screen stars just announced the launch of Ambulante 2009, their touring documentary film festival, at a press conference in Mexico City. Ambulante, which was founded by Gael and Diego in 2008 through their film production company, Canana, kicked off on Thursday with the Oscar-nominated movie Jesus Camp and will hit 15 cities in their native Mexico through March 29.

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Exclusive: Gael Garcia Bernal Talks Fatherhood
By Shani Saxon-Parrish | 01/20/2009 - 16:00

Latina reporter Vanessa Juarez caught up with new papi Gael Garcia Bernal at the Sundance Film Festival, where the actor was busy promoting his film Rudo Y Cursi. Although he was very excited about the movie, Bernal’s eyes didn’t light up until we mentioned his newborn son, Lazaro. Fatherhood is clearly this star’s role of a lifetime.

How has fatherhood changed your outlook on your career?

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Update: Gael Garcia Bernal and Dolores Fonzi Welcome a Boy!
By Shani Saxon-Parrish | 01/09/2009 - 16:48

Congratulations are in order for actor Gael Garcia Bernal and girlfriend Dolores Fonzi. The couple welcomed their first child, a boy named Lazaro, on Thursday. The baby was born in Madrid, where Bernal and Fonzi settled late last year.

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