WATCH: Huge Bar Brawl Breaks Out in Dallas Over Chips and Salsa
By Barbara Gonzalez | 07/01/2016 - 11:25

We all know Latinos take food pretty seriously, but this incident takes it to a whole new level.

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Olivier Martinez and Gabriel Aubrey
Daily Chisme: Gabriel Aubry Drops Restraining Order Against Olivier Martinez
By Jill Pankow | 12/03/2012 - 12:11

Instead of a restraining order, it seems as though a peace treaty is in order for Halle Berry’s ex-boyfriend, Gabriel Aubry, and her current fiancé, Olivier Martinez. This comes as quite a shock for anyone who has been following the feud surrounding the violent and infamous Thanksgiving scuffle between the two men.

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Alejandra Guzman Gets into Fight with Fan, Grounds Airplane
By Mariela Rosario | 01/06/2010 - 09:47

There's never a dull moment in Mexican singer Alejandra Guzman's life! After making headlines a few months ago for having botched plastic surgery on her buns, Guzman is once again in the spotlight for getting into an altercation with a fan on an airplane.

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