Would You pay $2 Million to Find Out Who Shakira is Dating?
Would You Pay $2 Million to Find Out Who Shakira is Dating?
By Mariela Rosario | 02/14/2011 - 15:15

Remember the photo that we posted a few weeks ago that showed Spanish futbol star Gerard Pique and Shakira celebrating their birthdays together? We were pretty surprised that the soccer star was so open about the fact that he was hanging out with the Colombian pop star, especially after both vehemently denied being in a relationship.

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Eva Longoria Refuses to Comment on Possibly Dating Penelope Cruz’s Brother
By Stacey Rivera | 01/28/2011 - 15:30

This is the rumor that just won't quit! Eva Longoria was seen out again with Penelope Cruz’s brother, musician Eduardo Cruz. This time they were spotted at a Los Angeles café after taking in a show by Flamenco dance troupe Sir Sultry. So we reached out to Eva’s people to see if the two are dating, are just friends, or what.

Her people politely responded that “they aren’t commenting on this.”

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