7 Slimming Tricks for Every Body Type
By Latina Staff | 01/16/2008 - 17:44

No matter what size you are or what kind of figure you have, these tips will help you shed pounds instantly!

1. When it comes to wearing prints and patterns, wear them on the smallest, slimmest part(s) of your body.
They call a lot of attention, and accentuate whatever body part they're covering. Also, be sure to pair prints with a neutral-colored piece, which works to slim more voluptuous curves.

2. Stay away from extra bulk.
Details like zippers, buttons, pleats, cargo pockets, ruffles and gathers all add volume.

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New Must-have Dresses!
By Latina Staff | 01/16/2008 - 17:37

One word: Jersey. The fabric fits like a second skin, clinging to all the right curves. Here, our picks for every shape.

<p><poplink width="500" height="615" target="/latina/slideshow/index.jsp?name=musthavedresses">Click here</poplink> the view the New must have dresses</p>

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