stack of books
Mexican American Studies Books Banned in Arizona
By Samantha Leal | 10/09/2012 - 15:00

Seven books that were a part of a controversial Mexican American Studies program are not allowed to be taught in classrooms in Tucscon, reports the Huffington Post

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Kate del Castillo
Kate del Castillo Gets Really Mad Over Televisa's Censorship of 'La Reina del Sur'
By Celestrellas | 05/05/2011 - 16:30

Followers of the hit telenovela La Reina del Sur were let down during Wednesday night's telecast in Mexico which was supposed to feature actress Kate del Castillo's character Teresa Mendoza and Cristina Urgel's character Patricia O'Farrell locked in a  kiss. Televisa, the network that carries the broadcast, chose to censor the intimate moment between the characters.

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6 Venezuelan TV Channels Taken off the Air for Disobedience
By Dorkys Ramos | 01/25/2010 - 17:00

On Saturday, the Venezuelan government took six cable TV channels off the air for disobeying a law requiring them to air government messages. Last week, 24 channels—including RCTV—were redefined as national rather than international broadcasters, meaning they are now forced to carry President Hugo Chavez’s addresses and campaign materials throughout this election year.

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The Future of Cuban Bloggers?
By Mariela Rosario | 12/10/2008 - 13:44

You may have never heard of it before, but Generation Y is the most prominent website in Cuba, which is saying a lot given that internet access in the socialist country is severely restricted. But all around bad ass Yoani Sanchez, the masterful writer behind Generacion Y, doesn’t let that phase her.

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