5 Latinos Who Are Stylist to the Stars
5 Latinos Who Are Stylists to the Stars
By Chantel Morel | 03/23/2016 - 15:30

Behind every head turning red carpet moment is a kickass stylist that knows just what works for their client. Get to know the fashion-forward Latinos that keep your favorite stars always looking their best:

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Exclusive: Negar Ali Kline talks about trends for the summer & more
Eva Mendes' Stylist, Negar Ali Kline, Talks Spring Trends, Summer Travel Essentials & More!
By Daniela Galvez | 04/08/2015 - 11:43

Celebrity stylist and costume designer Negar Ali Kline, has worked with some of the bi

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Sofia Vergara Keeps Firing Stylists, Report Claims
Sofia Vergara Keeps Firing Stylists, Report Claims
By Cristina Arreola | 10/17/2013 - 09:29

A new report states that Sofia Vergara is one difficult woman to please! 

According to NY Post’s Page Six, a public relations insider said the 41-year-old has canned stylist Deborah Waknin

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Celebrity Stylist Robert Verdi’s Top Wardrobe Tips
By Gerri Miller | 02/16/2010 - 09:45

Even for stars with great fashion sense, putting a great red carpet look together can be a daunting task. That’s where stylists like fashion guru like Robert Verdi come. Verdi can be credited with dressing Eva Longoria Parker, Ana Ortiz and Kathy Griffin in the latest designer creations.

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