Demi Lovato & Joe Jonas Celebrate 'Camp Rock' Anniversary
Demi Lovato & Joe Jonas Celebrate 'Camp Rock' Anniversary
By Nichole Fratangelo | 06/22/2015 - 17:53

It’s been seven years since the Disney Channel original movie Camp Rock premiered and if you’re starting to feel old, just think how

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Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas
WATCH: Demi Lovato & Joe Jonas Reunite for Special Performance
By Priscilla Rodriguez | 09/29/2014 - 12:30

This is the ultimate moment for Camp Rock fans!

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Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas attend Demi Lovato's 18th birthday party
Will Demi Lovato Appear on Nick Jonas' New Album?
By Cristina Arreola | 07/30/2014 - 10:03

Whoa, big collaboration news!

Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas have teamed up for a duet, which is set to appear on his upcoming album.

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In This Corner: Battle of the Tween Queens
By smundhra | 07/21/2008 - 13:53

Vanessa Hudgens? Miley Cyrus? Sooo last month. While Disney's reigning tween superstars are headed towards the exit (and, lets face it, eventually rehab), a newer, fresher crop of Mouseketeers are being groomed to snatch away those crowns. Next in line? Cartoon-eyed Selena Gomez and sweet-faced Demi Lovato, two Latinas with squeaky-clean images who claim to be BFFs. But don't be fooled, behind the G-rated façade a raging battle begins...

Round One: From the Sand Box to the Studio Lot

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