Style File: Jennifer Lopez

1. JLo Style File: The Early Years

The Early Years: Before J.Lo was...well, J.Lo, she dressed pretty much like the rest of us, except with a nicer booty. In 1994, she wears a simple mauve dress with some frumpy mules at the premiere of Mi Vida Loca. Then in 1997, she shows off more of her soon-to-be famous figure in a stretchy blue dress—but what's with the over the shoulder sweater? 2001, the rise of the denim jumpsuit as seen outside the Ivy. Ah, the folly of the youth!

2. JLo Style File: Kissing Frogs

Kissing Frogs: The pre-marital Jennifer Lopez made style news every time she stepped out with one of her boyfriends du jour, and she loved to match their look! Take the all-white outfit and sporty, hip-hop-inspired bandana she wore while standing by Diddy's side at the 2000 MTV Awards. Then in 2001, she rocked Shirley Temple curls and sheer lace at the Angel Eyes premiere with Cris Judd. And though this frothy pink (dare we say Jennifer Garner-like?) dress was perfect for the Maid in Manhattan premiere, her relationship with Ben Affleck inevitably wasn't. Love and learn.

3. JLo Style File: Workout Babe

Workout Babe: If there's one thing that's consistent about Jennifer, it's that her body can move—just watch as the abs almost ripple between this sports bra/ Adidas pants combo in 1998. In 2003 and 2004, J.Lo shows a preference for matching tracksuits for her leisure time. What will Jennifer be rocking in 2008 as she trains for a triathlon?

4. J. Lo Style: Taking the Plunge

Taking the Plunge: Jennifer Lopez has never shied from revealing the nether regions of her flesh. As one half of Bennifer, Lopez showed off her cleavage at the premiere of the doomed film, Gigli. Then in 2007, she struck a pose with a daring, back-revealing gown at the Golden Globe Awards. And do you remember this iconic dress of 1997? J. Lo and Puff Daddy made fashion headlines, with the help of Versace's navel baring creation, at the Grammy's. Somebone get the double-sided tape!

5. JLo Style File: Bundled Up

Bundled Up: A stylish megastar knows that winter is a perfect time to bring out the furs—PETA protests notwithstanding. From fur-trimmed snorkels to chinchilla coats, Jennifer stays warm in luxury.

6. JLo Style File: Diva Style

Diva Style: Jennifer Lopez's sexy fabulosity is why millions of fans around the world adore her, and these pics prove it. She looks perfectly pulled together next to Robert Cavalli with her dark-haired features, wide-brimmed hat and ladylike dress at his store opening in 2007. Then at the 2006 VMA's she plays the part of an exotic space creature with a funky silver knit dress—pulling off the matching scarf with confidence. You pretty much have to be J. Lo to execute a look like this: strapless bronze dress, chestnut colored fedora and tufted sandals. Absolutely fabulous!

7. JLo Style File: Rare Slipups

Rare Slipups: What's wrong with these spectacular fashion bloopers? In two words: excessive accessorizing. Like at the Nickeolodeon Awards, she's got like five trends going at once: crocheted beret, chandelier earrings, strappy crop top, peddle-pushers, stripper shoes, and spangly short sleeved shrug! Then at a Marc Anthony concert in 2004, she goes overboard with pink and once again, about three too many accessories. A year later at the Virgin Mega Store, she wears a veritable teepee of luxurious fabrics with a pair of over-the-top boots. No amount of attitude can pull these off!

8. JLo Style File: Oscar Queen

Oscar Queen: When it comes to the Academy Awards, J. Lo pulls out all the stops, like the strapless, pale pink Versace dress she wore to the Vanity Fair Oscar Party in 2002, pictured here with with ex-husband Cris Judd. Then in 2001, she plays with sheer chiffon and shimmering taffeta with crinolines on this serious formal Chanel gown. And just last year, she wore a dress by Marchesa that draws attention to her famous backside with strands of sparkling jewels. How precious!

9. JLo Style File: Her Own Designs

Her Own Designs: Though she's helped hype the names of many fashon designers like Cavalli and Versace, Jennifer is also a fashion designer in her own right, launching lines like J.Lo, Just Sweet and Sweetface. She wears her own creation—J.Lo drawstring daisy dukes—on the set of her video for "I'm Gonna Be Alright." Here she trots down the runway for Just Sweet in her own seafoam dress. And she presents Sweetface in a shapeless grey smock at a 2006 fashion show. Oscar De La Renta, it definitely isn't.

10. JLo Style File: Matching Marc

Matching Marc: Cozy in their happy relationship, J.Lo and Marc have gradually started to dress alike (and Marc's started to dress an awful lot like...himself): the white shirt, the indigo jeans, and the east breezy style. Remember when J.Lo was synonymous with low-rise, bell-bottom jeans? Now here she is in March 2007 wearing the high-waisted, skinny jean—a shape that was in during her Fly Girl days. Ah, the changing winds of fashion.

11. JLo Style File: Onstage Drama

Onstage Drama: J. Lo takes her theatricality to new heights with the help of her threads, like this batwinged mini-dress on stage with Marc Anthony in Miami. Then in ’07, her billowing and yet revealing white blouse adds windswept drama to her stage show in Spain. That same year, she morphed into a glorious butterfly at her own concert. What an entrance!

12. JLo Style File: Pregnant & Fab

Pregnant & Fab: Jennifer proves you don't need to be stick thin to be perfectly gorgeous. With Marc Anthony by her side, her style has gotten a lot more confident and subdued. This taupe colored tunic and sassy fedora hat with the opaque tights are a very chic pregnant look. At the Madonna/Gucci event at the United Nations, Jennifer looks more beautiful than ever with her supertwins adding to her glow. And lastly, she glows like a fertility goddess in a one-shouldered white gown posing with dapper husband.

13. JLo Style File: Casual Chic

Casual Chic: Jennifer Lopez was spotted dressing much more casually in the past year than ever before. Was it because of her burgeoning pregnancy? A relaxed worldview thanks to success in love and life? Knowing this style icon, it's because the winds of fashion have changed again, ushering in a new class of loungey ensembles--like this loose, printed caftan secured with a chain belt or a super cuddly layered look for Beverly Hills jury duty. This strapless white tunic dress exemplifies the new J. Lo look: effortless, casual luxury.