Stripper Creates Controversy And Challenges Chile To Be Less Prudish

Can’t find time in your busy schedule to hit the strip club? That’s okay, just hop on the subway! Chilean subway riders were in for a titillating street performance when they boarded trains for their morning commute last week. Professional poll dancer Monserrat Morilles, 26, dropped down to her skivvies and showed off her skills as a form of protest to Chile's "extreme prudishness and lack of tolerance".

La Diosa del Metro or the Subway Goddess, as the Chilean media has affectionately dubbed her, had to dodge police and make her way quickly through the crowded subway stations, until she found a train car without children. She called her performances “happy minutes,” since each show lasted only the length of time between subway stations, giving this rebel time to ditch Santiago police for over a week before she was arrested.

"This is just the beginning. We are starting an idea here that will grow and be developed further," she told Reuters as Chilean police swarmed her. The first generation since the Pinochet dictatorship is now reaching adulthood, but Chile has remained one of Latin Americas most conservative societies. Monserrat’s manager Gustavo Pradernas released a statement saying, "Chile is still a pretty timid country. People aren’t very extroverted and we want to take aim at that and make Chile a happier country."

We’ll all be looking forward to more scandalous acts of protest coming our way in the near future!
What do you think? A great way to address Chilean societies need to let loose or just a desperate publicity stunt? Check out La Diosa del Metro's performance for yourself: