This Nail Polish Launch by Sephora’s Formula X Line is a Game Changer

As a beauty editor, I get to preview a lot of new beauty launches. The evidence is piled up around my desk. So, when a product lands on my desk that makes me literally say out loud to my officemates (or whoever’s listening), ‘why hasn’t this existed until now?’, you know it’s good.

That’s what happened when the Sephora-exclusive brand Formula X bag arrived. In the bag was their latest nail invention of The Press Pods, one-time-use nail polish colors. The set contains 24 bestselling shades of tiny plastic polish bottles, each containing enough lacquer to apply two coats to all ten nails. And then you toss the pod.

What does this mean? No more dried-out bottles of your favorite color. No more half-used bottles of that shade you had to try but then forgot about. No more worrying about spills since you can toss this in your bag without fear of breaking. And no more limiting your polish stash to just a few key colors.

This set, which retails for $39—the cost of about four full-size bottles at the druststore—gives you freedom. You can paint your nails a different color every day without spending the dough or try a trendy shade without the commitment. They work by snapping off the protective cap and then squeezing the polish into the brush. The tiny handle takes a little getting used to, but the first few awkward strokes are totally worth struggling through. Look for these in stores beginning of May. Just in time for your summer mani/pedi!

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Amanda Flores, Beauty Director

Amanda Flores is the beauty director at Latina. As a self-proclaimed beauty junkie, there isn’t a product that comes into her office that she doesn’t road test. Her love of everything beauty is documented daily on instagram and twitter. Follow her @afloresbeauty


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