7 Nail Art Manis for Short Nails

No matter how hard we try, some of us just can’t seem to grow our nails past the tip of our fingers. Pretty frustrating with the way nail art has blown up. A detailed portrait of President Obama’s face? On these nails? No way! But not to worry. There are some designs that look great on all lengths and we’ve found them. Click through for seven perfect-for-spring nail art manis that work beautifully no matter how long, er, short, your nails are!


1. Halfway There

Halfway There

With two polish colors—one light and one dark—you can nail this mani in just a couple brushstrokes.

2. A Bit of Bling

A Bit of Bling

Paint your nails nude, pop on a few nail rhinestones and you’re done!

3. Line Up

Line Up

Have fun with this one—play around with the direction of your stripes.

4. Fiesta!


Channel your inner artist for this Dia de los Muertos-inspired mani. 

5. Cuticle Party

Cuticle Party

With white polish and a steady hand, you’ve got a super-trendy mani.

6. Spotted: Cuteness

Spotted: Cuteness

Grab a dotting tool at the drugstore and focus on just one accent nail.

7. Packs a Punch

Packs a Punch

Never underestimate the power of glitter. It makes a statement without even trying.