Shakira's 20 Best Songs As A Blonde

It's hard to imagine Shakira with anything other than a sea of golden locks. But, back in the day, Shak rocked a darker look and a darker sound. Her hair color -- somewhat symbolically -- signalled her transition from a Latin rock princess into a pop superstar oozing crossover appeal. In the years since she went blonde, she's released some of her biggest hits of all time.

We've counted them down: these are the 20 best songs from Shakira's years as a blonde.

1. 'Hips Don't Lie'

'Hips Don't Lie' feat. Wyclef Jean (2006) 

'Hips Don't Lie' made Shakira a star. As her first #1 single in the United States, it broke the record for most radio plays in a single week in the U.S. It was crowned one of the best-selling singles of the 21st century, and, let's face it, it's become Shakira's signature song. 

2. 'Te Aviso, Te Anuncio'

'Te Aviso, Te Anuncio' (2001)

Shakira penned 'Objection (Tango)' after Gloria Estefan pushed her to begin songwriting in English. No matter the language, the single performed amazingly, peaking on the top ten charts in dozens of countries and charting in the United States and Latin America.

3. 'Underneath Your Clothes'

'Underneath Your Clothes' (2002)

The heartfelt romantic ballad marked a huge departure for Shakira at the time, but the risk paid off. Yahoo! Music even named the song one of the twenty biggest-selling singles of the 2000s. 

4. 'No'

'No' feat. Gustavo Cerati (2005)

'No', the second single from Fijación Oral Vol. 1, oozed heartbreak and dispair. The song, unfortunately, didn't get as much airplay as her previous single, 'La Tortura', but true fans count it as one of Shakira's finest works. 

5. 'Whenever, Wherever'

'Whenever, Wherever' (2001)

In 2001, Shakira released her debut English single -- "Whenever, Wherever." Co-written by Gloria Estefan, the song incorporates Latin pop elements with worldbeat flourishes. The song proved to be a monumental success for Shak, and introduced America to a new star. 

6. 'Waka, Waka (This Time For Africa)'

'Waka Waka (This Time For Africa)' (2010)

In 2010, Shakira earned the privilege of recording the official song of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. In addition to becoming the best-selling and fastest-selling World Cup anthem of all time,  'Waka Waka' earned a place on YouTube's list of most-watched videos of all time. It currently holds the #8 spot. 

7. 'La Tortura'

'La Tortura' feat. Alejandro Sanz (2005) 

The lead single from FIjación Oral, Vol. 1 proved to be a huge success for Shakira - and an even bigger one for Alejandro Sanz. America fixated on the gorgeous Latina after hearing the enchanting song... and watching the sensual music video. 

8. 'Beautiful Liar'

'Beautiful Liar' feat. Beyonce (2007)

A song that features Shakira AND BEYONCE?! How could it not be amazing? The song absolutely delivers on its (hefty) promise. In fact, it won the award for "Most Earthshattering Collaboration" at the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards.

9. 'Gypsy'

'Gypsy' (2010) 

Shakira returned to her roots in 'Gypsy', drawing influences from Indian and Middle Eastern music. Although the song's success in the United States was moderate, critics and fans loved the fusion of acoustic vibes and exotic worldbeats. 

10. 'She Wolf'

'She Wolf' (2009) 

Don't get us wrong: We love this song. But, the best part -- hands down -- is the unbearably sexy video, which features Shakira sensually dancing while trapped in a cage. 

11. 'Empire'

'Empire' (2014)

The newest song on this list,  'Empire' delivered on the promises Shakira made to fans about her latest self-titled albumThe song perfectly blended Shak's rock roots and pop star status. 

12. 'Loca'

'Loca' feat. El Cata (2010)

'Loca', co-written in part by Shakira and Pitbull, takes the party jam to a whole new level. The song perfectly soundtracks a night at the club... or an impromptu dancing session in the living room. 

13. 'Illegal'

'Illegal' feat. Santana (2006) 

In a collaboration predestined for greatness, Shakira and guitar legend Carlos Santana teamed up for a soulful rock ballad. The song reminded fans that Shakira never hestitates to push her music in exciting new directions. 

14. 'Don't Bother'

'Don't Bother' (2005) 

Strange lyrics aside, 'Don't Bother' took us back to the rocker Shakira of the 90s. The Colombiana even jammed out on a hot pink guitar in the music video! 

15. 'Addicted to You'

 'Addicted To You' (2012)

We loved that Shakira mixed Spanish and English in this merengue-inspired track. Plus, she sported a shorter 'do with bangs in the music video... and looked absolutely stunning. BRB, booking an appointment with our stylist....

16. 'Lo Hecho Está Hecho'

'Lo Hecho Está Hecho' (2009) 

Critics and fans applauded the song (and it's English counterpart 'Did It Again') for its beautiful lyrical content and unusual musical mix of electropop and samba. The music video added an interesting element to the listening process. Watch, and experience Shakira like you never have before. The girl's got serious moves. 

17. 'Rabiosa'

'Rabiosa' feat. Pitbull (2011) 

If you put Pitbull and Shakira in a recording studio together, expect a provocative dance tune. 'Rabiosa' oozes sex appeal...and, if you want to see Shakira pole dance, now's your chance. 

18. 'Get It Started'

'Get It Started' (2012)

Again: Pitbull + Shakira = pure sex. After Pitbull co-wrote 'Loco' and 'Rabioso' with Shak, he chased after Shakira in an attempt to get her back in the studio. She declined working on several projects, but finally accepted a role in recording 'Get It Started.' Their collaboration resulted in yet another amazing dance track. 

19. 'Que Me Quedes Tu'

'Que Me Quedes Tu' (2002) 

Released as the only promotional single from the album Laundry Service, 'Que Me Quedes Tu' showed off Shakira's softer side... while still remaining true to her rock sensibilities. The song hit #1 on the US Hot Latin Songs and US Latin Pop Songs charts, and proved to be hugely successful among Shakira's Spanish-language fans. 

20. 'Sale El Sol'

'Sale El Sol' (2010) 

Shakira combined rock elements with folk music and Latin influences in the title track from her album Sale El Sol. The song performed well in Mexico and Latin America, but failed to pick up momentum in the United States. Too bad, because it remains one of our favorite Shakira songs.