Selena Gomez to Star in 'The Sky is Everywhere'

Part-Mexican pop star/actress Selena Gomez is doing good in the world and getting back to her acting work in The Sky Is Everywhere.

According to E! Online, the Disney star and UNICEF ambassador is planning a humanitarian trip to Africa to visit the war-torn nation of the Congo. “We first went to Ghana and then we went to Chile,” Gomez said at the House of Blues UNICEF benefit on Friday in West Hollywood. “In April, we’re going to go somewhere a little harder, the Congo… The first trips were to ease me into it.”

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Her efforts in helping raise awareness about the conditions of sexual violence against women and girls in the Congo started in 2009 when she attended the Raise Hope for the Congo benefit event. Her work with UNICEF has helped raise more that $200,000 for the organization.

According to, her production company July Moon has optioned the rights to produce a film adaptation of the Jandy Nelson novel The Sky Is Everywhere. Gomez will star as Lennie Walker in the film, a 17 year-old who is coping with her sister’s sudden death.

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We’re glad to hear that Gomez is so dedicated to her humanitarian work as well as her work as an actress. We can’t wait to see her back on the big screen!