Selena Gomez Has GNO & Dances to Own Music

Selena Gomez is a fan of herself. By that, we mean her music (of course). According to People, the 20-year-old singer/actress danced to her own music on a recent night out with her girlfriends.

Gomez reportedly spent some time jamming to a string of her hits at West Hollywood’s Bootsy Bellows on Saturday night. The starlet first requested Iggy Azalea’s song “Work” from DJ Savi and, according to a source, then asked the deejay to play some of her own tracks.

The deejay obliged and Gomez’s friends reportedly screamed and danced (you know, because we all do that when our jams comes on) when her hit “Come & Get It” cranked up on the stereo.  

People also reported that neither Selena’s ex Justin Bieber nor Austin Mahone were in sight - however, it looks as though she and Bieber did spend some time together on July 4th.

Instagram was shaken to its core after the Biebs posted a photo of himself with a seductive-looking Gomez. The photo's caption? "#Heartbreaker."

So, we guess it isn't over between them, after all? Maybe Bieber will un-ban Gomez's music, then.