Rosario Dawson: “(Designers) Aren't Dictating What We Like, We Wear What We Want”

Latina caught up with one of our favorite cover girls, Rosario Dawson at the Style360 Fashion Week show “Girl Meets Boy by Stacy Igel”. This Latin It Girl tells us how she sifts through the multitude of organizations when choosing which cause to back, her thoughts on the fashion line and the latest trend in her personal style!

What did you think of the show this year?

I loved it!  It was super fun! The kids coming out, I was just in love. I love how diverse her looks are. I love how diverse her models are. I love that it has a vibe and a funk and a spirit that you should always associate with clothes and fashion and you rarely get. So this was great, I’m really glad I got to come see it two years in a row.

When we spoke in September at this show, you told us how you were working with the Lower East Side Girls Charity, would you please give us an update?

Some of the girls have gotten internships and actually, right now, tomorrow is One Billion Rising. The girls are doing a whole thing with Stacy (Igel) and they’re going to be rising for V-Day, which is an organization I work with. A billion people on the planet, and people and men and boys and girls are going to be celebrating what it is to be a woman who is safe and recognizing that so many of us aren’t, and standing up for that and drawing attention to it. With Stacy’s help we are going to make sure that that message gets out stronger. 

You are involved in so many amazing non-profit organizations, how do you chose which ones to focus your time and energy one?

You know, you’ve got to follow a passion, because a lot of these organizations are working on issues that are really difficult, and you’re going to hit a rut, and you gotta be passionate about it so that you don’t just kinda keep jumping on little things and never following through. Because that won’t make you feel good. ‘Cause you know, there’s a lot to be done and you can either get really overwhelmed or chose the wrong one and have a bad experience and it’s really about choosing something that really utilizes what you can give and is something that shares and teaches you something about the world. Because that’s why we’re really here, I think. It’s really important.  I love and know and care about a lot of things and want to know more and learn about a lot of things, so luckily I’m a multi-tasker. 

What defines your personal style right now and what trends are you looking forward to for spring?

We live in a time right now where everything goes which is really, really nice. You look at certain decades where there was a very particular type of look, and what I love about the trend now is that it’s sort of just whatever’s your personal style. I think we’re really celebrating that more than I’ve ever seen before. Where like it seems like what magazines are giving equal time or creating space to show just what people are wearing on the street. And I think that’s really important to show that that’s really where is comes from and that’s what really supports the designers. They’re not dictating to us what we like, we wear what we want and that’s really great. You know, I live out of my suitcase, so it’s important to have stuff that’s wearable. Stuff that’s comfortable, flats are becoming more (a part of my wardrobe), I’m like ‘Oh My God!’ my feet, my poor feet. 

So what’s coming next?

I have a film, Trance that’s coming out soon. And we just wrapped Sin City (A Dame to Kill For).

To find out more about the worthwhile cause One Billion Rising, go to