Romeo Santos is Latina Magazine's June/July 2014 "Hot Guy Issue" Cover Star!

Romeo Santos June July 2014 Latina Magazine Cover

Worldwide bachata superstar Romeo Santos, about to launch his tour in support of Formula Vol. 2, talks about how becoming a father changed his life and why he believes in love in the June/July 2014 "Hot Guys" issue of Latina, which hits newsstands and Nook Newsstand on May 13, 2014.

On learning he would be a father at age 20: “I thought, I’m not ready to have a kid. We were about to get a record deal. I didn’t know what was going to happen with me professionally. In retrospect, I was being selfish and not taking into account the real priority: my son.”

On maturing and taking responsibility for son Alex, now 13: “I remember thinking that I was writing songs like ‘Amor de Madre,’ which is about a woman who turns to prostitution to feed her son after the father abandons them, and I was being a coward in my own life. I was being a hypocrite.”

On his love life now: “My love life is good, and I feel like part of what’s made it good is not talking about it. Once an artist makes his personal life public, he can’t close that door.”

On if he’ll ever get married: “I don’t know if I believe in marriage—I believe in love,” he declares. “I think marriage can sometimes turn things into a business. It stops being about feelings.”

On how having a son has made it simpler to make music: “I used to go in circles around an idea, but since he arrived I don’t have much time—I have to rush back home—so he has helped me learn how to focus.”

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