Romeo Santos’ Best Collaborations!

We're so excited to have Romeo Santos on the cover of our June/July 2014 "Hot Guys" issue (as we know many of you are, as well)! The bachata singer's cover hits newsstands today. From "Promise" to "Odio," we're celebrating our latest issue by taking a look at some of Romeo's best musical collaborations as a solo artist.

1. "Promise"

Romeo Santos ft. Usher

Song: Promise

Year: 2011


2. "All Aboard"

Romeo Santos ft. Lil Wayne

Song: All Aboard

Year: 2012

3. "Necio"

Romeo Santos ft. Santana

Song: Necio

Year: 2014

4. "Yo Tambien"

Romeo Santos ft. Marc Anthony

Song: Yo Tambien

Year: 2014

5. "Debate de 4"

Romeo Santos ft. Luis Vargas, Raulin Rodriguez & Anthony Santos

Song: Debate de 4

Year: 2011

6. "Odio"

Romeo Santos ft. Drake

Song: Odio

Year: 2014

7. "Animales"

Romeo Santos ft. Nicki Minaj

Song: Animales

Year: 2014