Rocsi's Inside Track: My Favorite Latin Pop Songs From Back-In-The-Day

While traveling this weekend, I decided to browse my iPod playlists and landed on my favorite Latin pop section. To my amazement I heard songs that I haven't heard in forever, and loved every minute of my old school playlist.

One of the songs on my list is Enrique Iglesias’, "Miente" off of his album “Vivir.” I remember as a little girl kissing this album cover and singing this song to the top of my lungs! I really fell for his raspy voice and then of course the lyrics to the song.

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Another one of my selections is Ivy Queen’s 2006 hit "Te He Querido," which talks about the ultimate form of karma. She basically casts a spell on her heart breaker, letting him know what goes around comes around. Who wouldn’t want that power?

As the journey through the lost songs on my iPod continues, one of my ultimate favorite songs pops up! Don Omar’s "Dile" is classic, especially with the verses "Otra…otra noche otra !!!" I would not be mad if this song was to come on in the club to this day! I remember the heated discussions back-in-the-day about Daddy Yankee verses Don Omar and who was a better reggaetonero. (I'll save that for another blog post!)

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My last song is Elvis Crespo’s "Suavemente," which is one of the biggest merengue songs ever! Besides it being on my iPod, I think I've only heard it at wedding receptions recently, but it brings back so many memories and one of the first Spanish songs I learned all the words to.

I hope I was able to bring back some great memories for you as well and inspired you to browse your oldies, but goodies!