10 Latin Spring Dishes You Need to Make

10 Latin Spring Dishes
Carolyng Gomes

How are your New Year's resolutions going? Oh, did you already forget about that promise you made to your waistline all those months ago? Who wouldn’t! This Easter gave us mouth-watering cookies, bizcochos and home-cooking, but now that we’ve found the eggs and polished off the last of the chocolate, it’s time to get back to business! Lucky for us, eating better doesn’t equate to eating flavorless rice cakes. 

Let the stands of brightly-colored produce at your local farmer’s market inspire you to get your beach-bod ready for the summer months ahead! You can make scrumptious spring meals with bold flavors and figure-friendly ingredients by using the best seasonal fruits and veggies. Maybe start off with a spicy and refreshing Avocado and Cucumber Soup, then move on to Smoky Cumin Ribs and finish the night with Cherry Rum Hand Pies

Eating healthy never tasted this good. Now, if it would just get a little warmer...

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