11 Favorite Flan Recipes to Make for the Holidays!

11 Favorite Flan Recipes to Make for the Holidays!

We’re in the full swing of the holidays! Thanksgiving dinner is under our belt and Noche Buena and Christmas morning is in our sights. The tree is up, the lights are twinkling, the garland is strewn, and we’re headed back into the kitchen to cook up dish after dish of delicious classics. To keep us inspired, we’re putting a TLK twist on the classic song 12 Days of Christmas. You know the one with 12 drummers drumming, 11 pipers piping...all the way down to the partridge in the pear tree!

Yesterday, we kicked off the song with 12 Tasty Tacos and today we’re satisfying our sweet tooth with 11 Favorite Flans! After all, calories don’t count during the holidays, right? When tia, primo, and friends stop by for un cafecito, send them home with a slice of one of these luscious desserts and they’ll be having a happy holiday indeed.

Start singing and get baking!

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