The Best New Beauty Treatments to Try This Year

Sometimes you need a quick massage or facial to reboot, but there are those other times when you're in the mood for a seriously luxe afternoon of pampering—that's where these unique services come in. From a dreamy massage under a down comforter, to a HydraFacial that will leave you feeling like your pores were deep cleaned, these are the salon and spa game changes that will have you scheduling a little "me time" on the regular. 

1. Strawberry/Honey/Bee Pollen Detox Facial at The SPA at Andaz Wall Street

Strawberry/Honey/Bee Pollen Detox Facial at The SPA at Andaz Wall Street

When allergy season attacks, fight it face on with an intense dose of honey, French lavender, Roman Chamomile, aloe and green tea to soothe and calm irritated skin. Anti-oxidant rich strawberries and bee pollen also help to to exfoliate, while warm white kaolin clay draws out impurities. Available until July 14th. 

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2. The Comforter? Massage at Lush Spa

The Comforter? Massage at Lush Spa

Eclectic homemade soap brand Lush just opened spas in New York City and Philadelphia and their unique menu of services is both quirky and completely detail focused. Each treatment is stationed in its own appropriately decorated room to go along with the theme of the service and include an individualized soundtrack listening experience. One of the most popular offerings is “The Comforter?” massage, which includes a hot chocolate scrub and velvety rose body serum, that’s applied while you’re snuggled between a marshmallow mattress and fluffy duvet. Oh, and there are pink stars on the ceiling and scented bubbles when you enter. Doesn’t get much better than that…

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3. Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Facial at La Prairie

Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Facial at La Prairie

Hands down one of the best facials we’ve ever had. Not only does the 90-minute process finish with a relaxing massage post-facial, but the unique eye treatment—that features cooled clear quartz crystals for enhanced energy flow and clarity—feels amazing. Like you never want it to end amazing. The facial also includes a Cellular 3-Minute Peel, deeply moisturizing mask, and application of the super hydrating Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Cream. If you love luxe, this is the facial for you.

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4. Welcome Voyage Treatment at The Canyon Ranch SpaClub Aboard Celebrity Cruises

Welcome Voyage Treatment at The Canyon Ranch SpaClub Aboard Celebrity Cruises

If you’re looking for a tranquil experience unlike any other, consider Celebrity Cruises because the modern luxury fleet just partnered with mega spa Canyon Ranch. The treatments are just as pampering as they are serene, considering you’re sailing along the Caribbean or a nestle of Greek Islands while they’re being applied. After relaxing in the Persian Garden (which includes steam rooms and ice fountains), try the “Welcome Voyage—an Indian jasmine revitalizing sea salt scrub, Swedish massage with French lavender to banish jet lag, and a hand and foot treatment with Italian blood orange to soothe calluses. Or, the “Ayurvedic Abhyanga” massage, which revitalizes and refreshes the mind, body, and spirit through a series of long, flowing strokes and rhythmic motions with a herb-infused oil of your choice. (PS—the couples room has the best view in the house, ahem boat.)

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5. Vinoperfect Radiance Facial at Caudalie Bleecker St.

Vinoperfect Radiance Facial at Caudalie Bleecker St.

Caudalie’s famed French spa located at The Plaza Hotel in New York City is on another level. With that said, they also offer flash treatments at their spa in Soho that take less time and costs half as much. One of our favorite Vinotherapie services is the Vinoperfect Radiance Facial, which helps to Illuminate your skin and correct uneven tone. The 50-minute process starts with an Enzymatic Peel and ends with warm stones and the application of essential oils so you leave looking 10 years younger. No, really. The spa’s signature Vinoperfect Serum is also the key to evening out dark spots and pigmentation. 

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6. Synchro REPLA:Y High Speed Laser at Romeo & Juliette Laser Hair Removal

Synchro REPLA:Y High Speed Laser at Romeo & Juliette Laser Hair Removal

This laser is not only the newest on the market when it comes to hair removal, but it’s also the most powerful and the fastest for both dark and light skin complexions. Plus, it can be used on tan skin, whereas most cannot. So basically it pulses quicker, to rid you of unwanted fuzz, and it's virtually painless. Sign us up.

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7. HydraFacial, Performed at Dermatologist Offices & Day Spas Nationwide

HydraFacial, Performed at Dermatologist Offices & Day Spas Nationwide

When you only have a lunch hour to spare and are in need of a serious skin makeover, book a HydraFacial. You’ll be in and out in 30 minutes with a tighter, healthier, and more toned visage. After an optional lymphatic drainage, your technician will cleanse and exfoliate your skin using a deplaning tool during this lite version of a skin resurfacing procedure. The result? Your skin feels like it's having all the grime ever sucked out of it. Very refreshing, no pain, but lots of gain! Afterwards, an acid peel and blue light/red light therapies are performed to prevent unwanted breakouts. Before the quick treatment ends, you'll be slathered in serum and on your way without any redness or irritation. 

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8. PRP Facial Rejuvenation AKA The Vampire Facial at Fountain Med Spa

PRP Facial Rejuvenation AKA The Vampire Facial at Fountain Med Spa

For those of you that think Kim K’s infamous Vampire Facial is so 2013, Dr. Todd Schlifstein begs to differ. “I think the Vampire facial will be more popular this year!  As more people are learning about the facial and the more people are seeing the amazing results, the more want it,” he says. “I perform the vampire facelift differently than other doctors because I like to do a pro-fractional laser treatment first, which allows precise control over its use to help stimulate and heat the skin to resurface itself. Other doctors use a dermapen or microdermabrasion, which can also stimulate the skin, but not as deep and not as precise. Then, I inject PRP (or “Platelet Rich Plasma,” also known as 60 ccs of your blood) into areas where volume is needed. Lastly, we rub in the PRP solution to stimulate the skin to rejuvenate itself. The benefits can continue to improve months afterwards and last more than a year.”

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9. The Deep Sea Detox at Bliss

The Deep Sea Detox at Bliss

Just in time for bikini season, this body treatment includes a firming oil massage, marine seaweed body mask, and stimulating shower to slim and tighten your physique while also replenishing minerals. A definite “do” before summer in our mind.

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