Prince Royce's 10 Best Songs

Happy Birthday, Geoffrey Royce Rojas!

Today is Prince Royce's 25th birthday, and we couldn't be happier to celebrate the bachatero's two and a half decades on this earth. It's been a crazy ride: he's wooed us with sentimental songs like "Addicted", got us dancing to upbeat jams like "Darte Un Beso", and lifted our spirits with sweet numbers like "Corazon Sin Cara." All the while, he made us smile and laugh with his signature humor and charisma. 

We're celebrating his big day by listening to 10 of his best songs:

1. Las Cosas Pequeñas

Royce shows off his songwriting chops in this sweet song about celebrating life's little blessings. 

2. Stand By Me

Prince Royce's reboot of Ben E. King's classic hit "Stand By Me" is the song that made him famous. He maintains that one of the highlights of his career was performing the song at the Latin Grammy's with King himself. 

3. Darte Un Beso

The song that has every girl dreaming about besitos from Prince Royce. 

4. Incondicional

Royce embraced different varieties of Latin music in "Incondicional" -- combining his bachata roots with Mexican mariachi elements. 

5. Addicted

True story: Prince Royce told us this song was on his Valentine's Day playlist. 

6. Corazon Sin Cara

In "Corazon Sin Cara", Royce sweetly reminds women and girls everywhere that we're all beautiful in our own special way. 

7. Nada

Warning: you will fall in love with Royce after listening to this song. 

8. El Amor Que Perdimos

Royce singing about a painful breakup just confuses us (Who would do that to him??) Still, we can't help but love this heartwrenching song about lost love. 

9. Me Encanta

Phew. Is it getting hot in here? Royce seduces fans in this raw, sexy jam about lust and desire. 

10. Soy El Mismo

Many songs could have filled this last spot, but we have a special place in our hearts for the title track from his newest album, Soy El Mismo. We love Royce's reminder that -- despite the fame and the money -- he's still the same kid who grew up in the Bronx, writing songs on the train.