Prima J: A Family Affair

Cousins Janelle and Jessica Martinez got the bug to perform before they could even walk. Flash forward a couple of decades and the dynamic duo—jointly known as Prima J—have gone from performing in their parents' living rooms to landing record deals and magazine covers. But even though their lives are a teen fantasy now, they struggled for years to get to the top, and overcame more than a few rough patches along the way. Janelle and Jessica open up about the their years of disappointment, the dark period when they didn't speak, and what they have left to conquer...

Jessica on finding out about their cousin Erica getting discovered before them, and how it kick-started their career:
"I remember that night…I just started crying. Because my cousin is beautiful. She's beautiful. She's like gorgeous. She had never mentioned to any of our family that she wanted to do music. I was like 'Why did she get it? She doesn't even want to do it. It's because she's pretty.' I was like 'This is what I want to do. I'm sorry I'm not as beautiful as her, but she doesn't even want to do this!' But she knew that I loved it, so that's why she took me in to the studio with her."

On their 'break-up' period: "[We] stopped talking for a week. That's the longest we've ever gone without talking. That week I was like, 'I'm not gonna be around her, I'm gonna go to my grandma's house.' After we made up, we had stopped doing shows. I guess you could say we quit. And we were like, let's just go to school, we're not gonna do this anymore." —Janelle

"It was a couple of months later, we were in the car. We parked on the side of the road and we were like, 'what are we doing? Why did we stop?' It was the weirdest moment ever." —Jessica

Jessica on what they learned recording their first studio album: "We've learned how to not let people take advantage of us because they might know a little bit more than us. We don't want to be puppets, we just want to know what we're doing with our life and make sure we're comfortable with it. So we've learned to just ask questions and get down to the bottom of why they're doing this, why they're doing that, just so we understand. 'Cause if we're out there—we want to believe in everything that we're selling, in what we're putting out there in the world. It has to be true to us—it's our business it's gonna be our life."

On what they have left to accomplish: "Acting! That's the one thing we still want to do, like no matter what. I would be a superhero, I would be Catwoman." —Janelle

"Yeah, you'd be the Latina Catwoman!" —Jessica

"I would so do that. I'm out, Jessica Alba!" —Janelle

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