Post War Renaissance Meets Modern Spanish Simplicity at Pedro del Hierro Fall/Winter 2014 Presentation

Post War Renaissance Meets Modern Spanish Simplicity at Pedro del Hierro Fall/Winter 2014 Presentation
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The legendary house of Pedro del Hierro Madrid presented their Fall/Winter 2014 collection at Eyebeam Atelier with Creative Director Carmen March at the helm. Oversized knit coats in mustard yellow and dark gray and cream plaid were juxtaposed by sleek, solid black and black lace jumpsuits with v's so deep you'll-need-to-hit-the-gym-to-wear-them.

Latina sat down with Creative Director Carmen March to get the inside scoop on her inspiration and her surprising college major!

What was your inspiration for this season?

For this season I was inspired by the classic Spanish novel from the '40s called Nada by Carmela Laforet which talks about this woman who arrives to a new city and about new beginnings in the post-war years. That connects very much to the feeling we have in Spain, that after a big crisis, we're getting all the energy again and things [are] going well. 


That is beautiful. Would you mind explaining the jumpsuit?

This connects back to the house archives with the fabulous '80s. Women now don't want to wear clothes that are too complicated. We just want something that is simplified, something you just zip it up and you look fabulous. It is one of those outfits that just simplifies your life for what to wear to a very elegant cocktail [party]. It's very chic and it just works nicely. 

How does your Spanish heritage influence you as a designer?

I'm always thinking about Spanish culture when I design [since] I live in Madrid. Our aesthetics are very different to the French and Italians. We are all European but we are all very different. When you go to the museum you can see the women are portrayed so different [between the cultures] and you can still see it now. And that's where I live, that's where I drink [my inspiration] from. I'm actually a historian, I studied to be a historian in college. For our culture, roots are important to us. 

What is one of your favorite Latin dishes?

Oh! I'm from Majorca and we make very good bread in the Mediterranean. Anything on a nice Mediterranean bread...some nice tomatoes and olive oil is simple yet perfect.

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