Who Could Be the First Latino President of the United States?

“The first Latino President of the United States is alive today,” U.S. Congressman Luis Gutiérrez declared when I interviewed him on a Google hangout on air. I corrected him. Maybe the first Latino president is Latina. This is why: the 2010 U.S. Census confirms our community’s demographic explosion, increasing 43 percent between 2000 to 2010. By 2050, nearly 30 percent–almost one-third–of the total U.S. population will be Hispanic. Simply put, in forty years, if you’re not Latino, chances are you or someone in your family will be married to one.

That Latinas are leading the demographic boom is no surprise. We outpace our men in school and career. Additionally, we are leaders in our community and our families, in charge of a whooping 86 percent of consumer spending decisions. We also are big influencers when it comes to our vote: move over Soccer Moms. Meet Soccer Mami, a growing, powerful, and coveted voting bloc that is and will be courted by campaigns and political parties alike.

That means the road to the White House will go through the barrios, bodegas, and schools since Latino children make up 25 percent of the public school student body. Not only will we be responsible for electing each U.S. President from here on out. Soon, our nation’s chief executive will be of Hispanic descent.

Keep an eye out for these Latinos who may one day be Señor or Señora President of the United States of America:

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