Pitbull Voting for Barack Obama

Pitbull always speaks his mind and he was no different the last time he spoke with Latina.Com. We were interested to hear his perspective on politics especially after hearing "American War," the controversial single he dropped on his mixtape, Free Agent criticizing President Bush. After talking with us about his upcoming projects, the talk turned to politics and Pitbull shared his opinions on the upcoming election and why he's voting for a Democrat.

So, who are you voting for in November?

Me personally, I'm gonna have to vote for Barack. I think he's inspirational, motivational, young, savvy and sharp. Pero, let's see.

That's interesting, people have this conception of Miami Cubans being die hard Republican. Do you think there’s any truth to that?

I'm just a younger generation Cuban. The Cubans that you're talking about are the older generation. That's something we spoke about in La Esquina (his hit TV show on mun2). Fademaster was like, "Nah I'm voting Republican, my grandmother's Republican, my mother, my father, everyone's Republican." My grandmother's the same way, but my grandmother was the first one to say, "Bush messed up this country and I voted Republican." Now she's sitting back and watching pa ver que vola.

Bush I think messed up this country in such a way that even Republicans are seeing that we need a change and we can't take this no more. The reasons Cubans in Miami voted Republican is because during the Clinton administration, Elian Gonzalez was snatched up. Even if people were Democrats, they voted Republican out of spite, like, "You guys came down here and took that kid – now we're voting for Bush regardless." Not that I voted for Bush cause I couldn't even vote at the time. When Bush got into office my mother said, "Look what he's doing. We're gonna go to war, this country economically is gonna be messed up. Watch everything that this man is gonna do to this country, he's gonna rob us blind." President Bush, now he's a true gangsta.

 -Monica Herrera