Pitbull Responds to Jay-Z's "Open Letter" Song With His Own Rap Track

Jay-Z dominated entertainment news last week after dropping an “Open Letter” to those who criticized his recent trip to Cuba with wife, Beyonce. And now Pitbull has joined in the conversation.

The beloved Mr. Worldwide, who has always expressed his Cuban pride to his fans and the media, released a track last night with a simple post on Twitter. “I'm cuban american i was born politically incorrect here is my open letter daleee,” read the single sentence tweet, accompanied by a link leading to his track.

In the song, Pitbull discusses the complicated relationship between Cuba and the United States. “We made Miami something from nothing…  let’s not forget that we came from nothing,” Pitbull raps in the song. Other subjects touched on include Fidel Castro and the widely controversial Elián González case. If you recall, the young Cuban boy was at the center of the heated debate between the Cuban and US governments after his mother drowned in November 1999 while attempting to leave the island nation with him.

Listen to Pitbull's response rap to "Open Letter" on Page 2.