Pitbull Responds to Jay-Z's "Open Letter" Song With His Own Rap Track

“Elian got snatched back – the whole world seen it,” Pitbull raps in the song, in reference to federal agents seizing the then-7-year-old Elián from his relatives, returning him to Cuba in June 2000.

Pitbull also directly address Jay-Z in the song, rapping that “politicians love to hate you, but then they run away when it’s time to debate you.” He also wishes Jay and Bey a happy 5th year wedding anniversary.

Still, as critical as he is in the song, Pit is clear to state that he “ain’t here to hold a grudge.”

“It’s the freedom that we rap for. It’s the freedom that we die for,” Pitbull sings in the song’s chorus. “C-U-B-A, hope to see you free one day.”

Listen to the song here and tell us what you think in the comments below: