Paulina Rubio on Her New Single ‘All Around the World’ & What's Next

Paulina Rubio looked ready to rock at the Zumba convention, along with Daddy Yankee and the creator of Zumba: Beto Perez. Wearing a sparkly mini-dress and fuchsia shades, the "Queen of Latin Pop" talked about her partnership with the Latin-dance exercise brand, her new single and what she’s working on next.

What do you think of Zumba – are you a fan personally? 

“It’s amazing! First of all, you have fun, you get in shape, you’re healthy for your family and yourself, and you listen to great music. It’s just fun. You don’t think that you’re training but you are. You’re dancing and you’re getting fit at the same time.”

Why perform your new single for their convention first?

“The message, the vibe, the energy… Zumba and I are a fit. Tonight is the perfect night to debut the single because it’s all about enthusiasm. It’s all about energy, and about reaching people from all around the globe. Zumba does that and so does my music. That’s why we’re here tonight.”

The brand speaks to many Latinos because of its music and dance. What do you think of this and why do you think music is playing such a big role?

“As Latinos, we want simple, fun things, we want music, (and) we want energy. Zumba speaks to everyone. It brings out the Latino inside everyone (laughs). It really highlights other artists and lets those who exercise hear new songs and new artists, and dance!”

What’s next for you?

“I’m part of (singing competition TV show) La Voz de Mexico (as a judge) so I’m going to be there for the next eight weeks. I’m on tour until the end of the year (and) I’m officially releasing this new single “All Around the World” which I’m performing live tonight and at concerts. I have a concert coming up in Los Angeles, and from there we continue the tour.”