Party Ponytail

We love the unique look Aveda stylist, Tippi Shorter created for the collaborative Latinista show. Tippi came up with this classic, yet messy, 'do to satisfy the designers' different needs and we've got the deets on how to get it:

  1. On dry hair, spray Aveda Thickening Tonic until hair is damp.

  2. Begin taking 1” sections of hair and gently twirl from root to end and set for texture.

  3. Once all hair is twirled in sections, take one piece at a time, and blow dry. Lay the dried sections over the face to create volume at the roots while continuing to dry remaining sections.

  4. Flip the dried twirls back and with a small amount of Light Elements Defining Whip in hands, gently unravel the twirls and massage hair to create added textured at the crown.

  5. Pull hair into low ponytail ensuring the top has volume. Secure with a bungee. Wrap a small section of hair around bungee and secure with a pin under the ponytail.

  6. Spray ponytail with Aveda Brilliant Shine-on Spray, then flat-iron the ponytail smooth.

  7. Finish with a light mist of Aveda Control™ Force Firm Hair Spray.

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Party Ponytail
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